Lada cars assembling venture in Egypt






AVTOVAZ partner in foreign assembly founded his own full-scale VAZ production venture in the winter of 2006 on the outskirts of Cairo. The plant building cost approximately 12 million dollars. Lada cars had being manufactured in Egypt for 4 years before although it was Suzuki assembly line that had to be used for those purposes. With the launch of new Lada-Egypt plant AVTOVAZ gained the opportunity to increase the production volume and expand the model range. Apart from VAZ-2107, traditionally common for Egypt, the works also manufactures VAZ-2110 cars.

Industrial facility of the works is located on 90 thousand square kilometres. Given single-shift enterprise working mode, the plant is capable of producing up to 4.5 thousand cars per year and is suitable for capacity extension up to 8-9 thousand.

AVTOVAZ began the interaction with North African countries as far back as the Soviet period by delivering cars performing inter-governmental agreements. However after the collapse of the USSR the cooperation was ceased. Since the early 2000s Volzhskiy Avtozavod has made the decision to re-establish the partnership and in 2001 Russian car deliveries to Egypt were revived. In the May of the same year AVTOVAZ awarded the VAZ-2107 spare parts delivery contract with Al Amal Foreign Trade Company, the official AVTOVAZ importer in Egypt. The manufacturing of this model in 2002 started VAZ complete production cycle including welding, paint coating and assembly work. During the 4 years the enterprise was located in the Suzuki plant facilities, it produced 5 thousand VAZ-2107 cars. Actually Lada-Egypt venture started its work in 2006.

The works permits immediate reacting to the market changes concerning car number and model range. AVTOVAZ keeps cementing the Egypt passenger car market positions, which will provide the footing in the future.