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12 Dec 2017
Rostec Signs an Agreement on Promotion of Helicopters to the Markets of South-East Asia

The Russian Helicopters Holding starts cooperation with the Centre for Promotion of Russian High-tech Companies

01 Dec 2017
Russian Helicopters Started Testing Mi-171E Helicopter With Upgraded Power Unit and Rotor System

Due to innovations, economic efficiency of Mi-171E helicopter was enhanced significantly

29 Nov 2017
Mi-171A2: The Long-Awaited Innovation of the Russian Helicopter Industry

Russian Helicopters holding has carried out a full-scale modernization of the legendary eight

15 Nov 2017
Russian Helicopters Demonstrated Ansat to Pakistani Representatives

Experts from the countries of Asia and the Middle east show interest towards the helicopter

15 Nov 2017
Russian Helicopters to Develop Non-Defence Products Export

Andrey Boginsky, General Director of the holding company, spoke about the core lines of cooperation with foreign partners at Dubai Airshow

13 Nov 2017
Russian Helicopters Concluded the First Export Contract for the Supply of Mi-171А2

The holding signed the agreement with the Indian company “Vectra Group” within the framework of Dubai Airshow 2017

10 Nov 2017
Russian Helicopters Will Take Part in Dubai Airshow 2017

The visitors of the exhibition will have an opportunity to get familiar with the scout-attack Ка-52 and multi-purpose Мi-35М

23 Oct 2017
Rostec to Arrange Distribution of Ansat Helicopters in Mexico

Craft Avia Center has commenced construction of a service centre and a show room for Russian helicopters

10 Oct 2017
Ansat: Simple and Easy-Going

A distinctive feature of the helicopter is large cockpit and quickly transformable cabin

03 Oct 2017
Russia Delivers Two Mi-35M Helicopters to Mali

The helicopters will help the nation protect its sovereignty and successfully fight terrorism

20 Sep 2017
Russian Helicopters Exported First Mi-28NE With an Airborne Defence System

The vehicles are protected against ground-to-air missiles equipped with infra-red homing heads

12 Sep 2017
Russian Helicopters to Participate in China Helicopter Expo 2017

The company's display includes models of Mi-171A2 and light Ansat helicopters

08 Sep 2017
Foreign Pilots Highly Appreciated Ka-52 Helicopter

During his working visit to the Progress Plant, Dmitry Rogozin met Egyptian pilots

06 Sep 2017
Certification Tests of Ка-62 are Planned for 2018

At the present moment, two helicopter flight hardware are produced

25 Aug 2017
Rosoboronexport to Supply Mi-171SH Helicopters to Burkina Faso

Over the past 10 years, the number of the exported Mi-17 helicopters has reached 800 pieces

23 Aug 2017
Russian Helicopters Launched Manufacture of Military Version of Mi-38

The Нolding started assembly of the first developmental model under Ministry of Defence contract

17 Aug 2017
Mi-172A2 Helicopter is Ready for Commercial Deliveries

Russian Helicopters Holding Company obtained a type certificate for medium utility Mi-171A2 helicopter

09 Aug 2017
Russian Helicopters to test Ka-226T in Iran

The objective of these tests is to prove the usability of the Ka-226T at ambient temperatures of up to +50 °C

24 Jul 2017
Russian Helicopters Will Be Used During the 2022 Olympics

Two Ansat helicopters and one medical Mi-171 helicopter are expected to be supplied to China

20 Jul 2017
Russian Helicopters and United Helicopters signed contracts on delivery of 10 helicopters to China

United Helicopters will receive 5 light helicopters Ansat , three MI-171 and two Ка-32А11ВС

19 Jun 2017
Russia signs Mi-171Sh procurement contract with Bangladesh's AF

Rosoboronexport will supply five helicopters to Bangladesh

18 May 2017
Rostec establishes an integrated life cycle management system for products manufactured by aviation cluster in Peru

Russian Helicopters Holding Company appoints its official representative in the Republic

29 Mar 2017
Russia delivered utility helicopter to Kenya

The helicopter will serve the needs of the National Police of the Republic

22 Mar 2017
Belarusian army to get second batch of Russian Helicopters in April

The holding company Russian Helicopters will finish delivering ahead of schedule

02 Mar 2017
Russian Helicopters demonstrates Mi-17 repair process to Indian specialists

The Novosibirsk Aircraft Repair Plant will repair 30 Indian Mi-17-1V helicopters

15 Nov 2016
Russian Helicopters Present Their Products at the Air Show in Iran

The Mi-171А2, Ansat and Ka-226Т are the perfect choice for operations in the Middle East

01 Nov 2016
Russian Helicopters signs contract to deliver 18 helicopters to China

The company signed a contract with Wuhan Rand Aviation Technology for the supply of Mi-171, Ka-32 and Ansat helicopters

26 Oct 2016
Fitch increases the rating of Russian Helicopters to "BB+"

Agency experts believe that the increase in the holding's profits will lead to a sustainable improvement of its financial profile

17 Oct 2016
Russia and India Sign Agreement to Jointly Produce Ka-226T

The joint Russian-Indian enterprise must arrange the localization of production of 200 multirole Ka-226T for 9 years

05 Oct 2016
Russian Helicopters Equipment Provides Fire Safety at the G20 Summit

Thanks to Mi-26TS, Chinese pilots quickly extinguished three fires that threatened settlements

13 Sep 2016
Russian Helicopters to Repair Mi-17s of the Hungarian Ministry of Defense

Four machines have already been delivered to Novosibirsk aboard An-124 Ruslan cargo plane

07 Sep 2016
Russian Helicopters Will Supply Spare Parts to the Indonesian and Thai Air Forces

At Army 2016 expo, Russian Helicopters signed contracts and negotiated with representatives of Southeast Asian countries

24 Aug 2016
Russian Helicopters Certified Its Service Center in Iran

Iranian company IHSRC became the only maintenance and overhaul center for rotor-wing machines Mi-17/171 in the country

23 Aug 2016
Russian Helicopters to Present Its Products to Iranian Customers

The holding company is to hold a special introductory seminar in Tehran

11 Aug 2016
Russian Helicopters And Peru Sign Contracts For the Maintenance of Mi-35s

The Russian equipment is used in Peruvian special forces raids in the fight against drug trafficking

11 Aug 2016
Russian Helicopters to open a service center in Azerbaijan

The agreement is planned to be signed during the ADEX 2016 international fair

08 Aug 2016
The Indian Ambassador Visited Rostvertol

The Indian delegation has inspected the helicopters production facility and highly praised flight performance of the “Night Hunter”

05 Aug 2016
Alexander Mikheev: Russian Helicopters Boasts a Firm Order Portfolio of 500 Units

He stated that the Holding continues to be among the top players on the worldwide helicopter market

05 Jul 2016
Myanmar delegation visits Russian Helicopters

Representatives of the Myanmar's MoD appraised the prospects of cooperating with the Russian holding

27 Jun 2016
Russian Helicopters and AVICOPTER to develop an advanced heavy lift rotorcraft

. A corresponding intergovernmental agreement was signed by the Russian and Chinese parties in Beijing

SPIEF 2016
Russian Helicopters sign Strategic Partnership Agreement with Leonardo-Finmeccanica

The parties agreed to continue their cooperation aimed at deep localization of the AW189 helicopter manufacturing in Russia

02 Jun 2016
Russian Helicopters will showcase its current model range of military helicopters at KADEX-2016

Russian Helicopters will feature the multirole Mi-35M and the Mi-28NE attack helicopters

01 Jun 2016
Russian Helicopters to feature a Mi-8MTV1 Training Simulator at KADEX-2016

The unit is mounted on a wheeled chassis and has a self-contained electric power plant

26 May 2016
Sergei Goreslavsky: Effective Use of Our Helicopters in Syria Has Caused Heightened Interest in Them

The no. 2 of Rosoboronexport on the prospects of Russian helicopters in the international market

20 May 2016
Russian Helicopters signed a contract with the Czech Ministry of Defense on the repair of Mi-8s

The parties also concluded an additional agreement on delivery of aviation property for Mi-24 and Mi-8/17 helicopters

19 May 2016
More than 150 combat helicopters to be delivered to foreign customers from 2016 to 2018

Russian Helicopters and Rosoboronexport signed a program promoting helicopters to the external market

19 May 2016
Rosoboronexport begins export deliveries of the latest military helicopters

This year a foreign customer will receive the dual-control Mi-28NE helicopters and the Ka-52 attack helicopters

19 May 2016
Russian Helicopters’ know-how helps detect hidden blade damage

The system allows helicopter operators to scan rotor and tail rotor blades

16 May 2016
Russian Helicopters to present their developments in China

The holding will take part in the Asia Pacific China Police exhibition of police equipment and munition

12 May 2016
Russian Helicopters plans serial production of an advanced high-speed helicopter in 2022

In June, the aircraft will be ready to fly at speeds of up to 450 km/h

29 Apr 2016
First prototype of the multirole Ka-62 helicopter takes to the air

The lift in a hover mode was part of the factory flight testing and was completed successfully

18 Apr 2016
Serial Production of the MI-171A2 Will Begin in 2017

The newest Russian helicopter is successfully undergoing testing and is being prepared for certification

06 Apr 2016
Helicopters with an Onboard President-S System Are Ready for Export

The new onboard defense system will make helicopters unreachable by MANPADs and air-to-air missiles

30 Mar 2016
Russian Helicopters fulfills first contract with the Mexican Secretariat of the Navy

It was fulfilled in full and on time

28 Mar 2016
Russian Helicopters is looking to sign the first long-term service contract with India

It will boost Russian-made helicopters’ after-sales system to a new level

16 Mar 2016
Mi-28NE with dual controls is launched into serial production

While retaining all the attack helicopter functions, the new aircraft simplifies the pilot training process

17 Feb 2016
Russian Helicopters to create a repair center in China

China is one of the biggest operators of Russian-made rotorcraft

12 Feb 2016
Russia and India are working on the helicopter exterior design as part of the joint project

Russian Helicopters and India-based HAL are in negotiations over the details of the Ka-226T cooperation project

09 Feb 2016
A VIP version of the Mi-171E helicopter has been delivered to Uganda

The aircraft is intended for the government of Uganda

02 Feb 2016
Rostec has transferred to India the final batch of Mi-17V-5 helicopters as part of a major contract

In the near future, the Indian Air Force plans to order another 48 helicopters

29 Jan 2016
Russian Helicopters has begun a project to produce the Ka-226T in India

The company plans to produce 200 of the light multipurpose Russian helicopters in India

21 Jan 2016
The King of Bahrain has expressed interest in the latest Russian helicopters

Russian multipurpose helicopters have been presented at the Bahrain International Airshow for the first time

21 Jan 2016
Russian Helicopters is participating in the Bahrain International Airshow for the first time

The holding is presenting its multipurpose aircraft in Bahrain

20 Jan 2016
Russian Helicopters is ready to provide aftersales service for the Mi-8/17 in Serbia

The holding company is considering retrofitting the repair facilities of the aircraft factory Moma Stanojlovic

31 Dec 2015
Russian Helicopters receives type certification for Mi-38

In 2016 the Mi-38 will enter serial production and launch on the Russian market

30 Dec 2015
Ansat’s VIP version receives type certification

The certification means that the helicopter can now start commercial operation

22 Dec 2015
Russian Helicopters offers after-sales service system for Mi-8/17 helicopters operated in the Middle East

An agreement was signed between Russian Helicopters and its Iranian partners for the technical evaluation of the IHSRC plant

21 Dec 2015
Russian Helicopters takes part in Trade and Industrial Dialogue: Russia-Iran 2015

During the exhibition, the company will showcase commercial developments

17 Dec 2015
Rostec expects to sign an agreement with China for heavy helicopters in 2016

Contracts will be signed at the same time to develop the aircraft’s primary systems and components

14 Dec 2015
Rostec's subsidiaries has made it to the Top100 arms manufacturers

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute released a report on the 2014 results

09 Dec 2015
Russian Helicopters will overhaul the Egyptian based Mi-8/17

The holding company will supply required equipment and provide training to personnel

25 Nov 2015
Russian Helicopters delivers first Arctic helicopter to Russia’s Defence Ministry

The first Arctic helicopter was developed specially for operation in the country’s north in temperatures lower than -40°С

23 Nov 2015
Russian Helicopters signs contract with China for delivery of 4 Ka-32A11BC helicopters

The Ka-32A11BC helicopters will be used in fire-fighting operations and for patrols

13 Nov 2015
Dubai Airshow: Russian equipment in the spotlight

On the largest air show in the Middle East

12 Nov 2015
Russian Helicopters will help equip Iran’s center for repairing civilian Mi-17 helicopters

The holding company has signed a contract with PANHA

09 Nov 2015
Russian Helicopters launches flight testing of second Mi-171A2 prototype

Pre-flight and certification testing are also currently underway

09 Nov 2015
Rostec is strengthening its position in the Middle East

The Dubai Airshow has become a good platform for negotiations with traditional partners in the region

05 Nov 2015
Russian Helicopters to showcase new Mi-171A2 alongside VIP Ansat and Ka-32A11BC firefighter

Holding to participate at Dubai Airshow

02 Nov 2015
Russian Helicopters upgrades aircraft equipment in Latin America and in the Caribbean

Holding Company will provide after-sales service of Russian-made machines

28 Oct 2015
Russian Helicopters showcases latest helicopters at FIHAV-2015

The event will be held in Havana, Cuba, from 2-7 November 2015

23 Oct 2015
Russia to repair helicopters for South Korea’s Department of Forest Aviation

Helicopter Service Company has entered into a contract

19 Oct 2015
Russian Helicopters discusses cooperation with LG International

A delegation from Russia will visit South Korea

15 Oct 2015
Rostec will present its innovations at the FIHAV Havana International Fair 2015

This forum is one of the key trade and economic events in Latin America

09 Oct 2015
Russian Helicopters Continue Maintaining Kamov Ka-32s in South Korea

The holding will repair the helicopter engines and APUs

14 Sep 2015
Russian Helicopters has offered upgraded Russian technology to China

The holding proposed the after-sales service at an exhibition in Tianjin

09 Sep 2015
Russian Helicopters is poised to supply Mi-171 helicopters to China

These helicopters are a perfect fit for operation over complex terrain regions

02 Sep 2015
Russia and China plan to build an innovative heavy-lift helicopter

The contract for the joint development of the aircraft is expected to be signed before the end of the year

26 Aug 2015
Russian Helicopters will sign a helicopter maintenance contract with India

The company's team is prepared to improve the after-sales service system for domestically produced equipment

"MAKS will continue as before to provide an effective venue for business communications and promotion of cooperation"

Account of Day One at MAKS-215

04 Aug 2015
The AgustaWestland AW 139 helicopter, assembled in Russia, has taken its first flight in Moscow

The aircraft is manufactured at the HeliVert plant in Tomilino

30 Jul 2015
Russian Helicopters has delivered another batch of Mi-171Sh helicopters to Peru

Immediately after their arrival, the helicopters took part in an annual military parade

28 Jul 2015
Rostec’s Holdings enter the top 100 defence companies in the world

Russian Helicopters and UEC have entered the list

17 Jun 2015
Russian helicopter provide fire safety in European countries

The multifunctional Ka-32A11BC is capable of providing water to fires in a very short space of time

16 Jun 2015
Russian Helicopters showcases new military models

Company is taking part in the international military technology forum Army-2015

09 Jun 2015
Domestic Russian military equipment will be on display at the Le Bourget Paris Air Show

Rostec Corporation is organizing Russia’s united exposition

22 May 2015
Russian Helicopters launches series production of the Mi-26T2

Modernised version equipped with the latest avionics

22 May 2015
Russian Helicopters announces new Ka-226T receives IAC AR certification

Receiving certification opens up opportunities for the delivery and operation of this helicopter

20 May 2015
Russian Helicopters to showcase new commercial models

HeliRussia is a key event for Russian and global helicopter manufacturers

14 May 2015
Russian Helicopters shows new products in Peru

The holding company shows its new and serial production models at SITDEF 2015

14 May 2015
Rostec shows its Russian defence best sellers in Peru

They will show more than 400 items of equipment at the international defence technology exhibition

13 May 2015
Russian Helicopters MI-26T performs amazing transport feat

The helicopter lifted the 14-ton fuselage of a similar helicopter.

07 May 2015
Celebrating 50 years since the first flight of the Ka-25

The first Soviet combat helicopter could operate in all weather conditions

28 Apr 2015
Russian Helicopters to develop civilian helicopters together with China

The holding participated in an intergovernmental meeting in Hangzhou

22 Apr 2015
A government delegation from Cuba visited a Russian Helicopters plant

The Russian plant demonstrated the production technology that Cuba could attain through a long-term cooperation agreement

17 Apr 2015
The Promise of Latin American Markets

Rostec expands high-tech cooperation with the region

15 Apr 2015
Russian Helicopters showcases light multirole helicopters at Shanghai

The company views the Chinese market as one of the most promising

14 Apr 2015
Russian Helicopters showcases commercial and military helicopters at LAAD 2015

The latest Mi-171A2 multirole helicopter will be on show at Brazil

10 Apr 2015
A delegation from Indonesia visited a Russian Helicopters plant in Kazan

The head of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade visited the enterprise along with the foreign partners

31 Mar 2015
Russian Helicopters trained more than 1,000 professionals over the course of a year

Russian and foreign flight crews completed the training

11 Mar 2015
Technodinamika and Microturbo will create a power unit together

This development will serve the interests of the holding company Russian Helicopters

18 Feb 2015
Russian Helicopters showcases commercial and military helicopters at India

Company is taking part in the international air show Aero India 2015 in Bangalore

18 Feb 2015
Rostec Corporation to present an enormous exhibit at Aero India - 2015

More than 30 Russian companies will present their products

11 Feb 2015
Rostec Corporation will take part in the International Exhibition Aero India - 2015

Russian companies will present a number of new products at the top Indian aerospace exhibition

10 Feb 2015
Russian Helicopters to showcase new equipment for service centres

Company will showcase at the 2nd National Airport Infrastructure Show and Civil Aviation

26 Jan 2015
The 50th anniversary of the Mi-10’s record-setting load-carrying capacity

In 1965, the helicopter lifted a weight of 15 tons to a height of 2840 meters

21 Jan 2015
Celebrating 30 years with the Mi-26T heavy-lift chopper

The legendary chopper is capable of transporting up to 20 tons of equipment and massive cargo

25 Dec 2014
Peruvian president tests the Russian Mi-171Sh

Russian Helicopters sends 8 choppers to Peru

04 Dec 2014
Kazan Helicopter Plant Turns its Focus to Latin America

Russian technology is already well established in the region

02 Dec 2014
Russian Helicopters start delivering new batch of Mi-171Sh to Peru

Under the contract will be supplied 24 helicopters

25 Nov 2014
“Russian helicopters” performed MI-171A2 Test Trial

During flight, its major systems have demonstrated excellent performance

13 Nov 2014
Russian Helicopters’ Plant receives international quality management system certification

Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant receives international certification

11 Nov 2014
Rostec and AVIC have signed cooperation agreement

It's increase interaction between the two companies

07 Nov 2014
Russian Federation has a new island

Geographical discovery made by using the Mi-26

07 Nov 2014
The crew of Mil Mi-26 saved a polar bear cub

The polar bear cub is now living in a sanctuary on Wrangel Island

05 Nov 2014
Russian Helicopters Presents Latest Designs in the UAE

Mil Mi-171-A2 and Kamov Ka-32A-11VS helicopters on display at the 2014 Dubai Helishow

30 Oct 2014
Russia completes Mi-17V-5 supplies to Afghanistan

63 helicopters was produced at Kazan Helicopters, part of Russian Helicopters

23 Oct 2014
Russian Helicopters Ready to Offer Indonesia New Models

Russian helicopters are successfully used in Asia Pacific

20 Oct 2014
Russian Helicopters' Mi-38 pre-series production prototype makes first flight

The flight took place at Kazan Helicopters' test flight centre

15 Oct 2014
Russian Helicopters Develop Cooperation with China

The Russian Helicopters Holding Company’s officials participate in drafting a cooperation agreement in the aviation sector

Deep modernization of a legendary helicopter

Russian Helicopters and KRET are helping to build the Mi-171A2

09 Oct 2014
Russian Helicopters Granted Foreign Trade License

The holding company to ship military equipment to international customers directly

09 Oct 2014
Up to 200 Russian Helicopters Involved in UN Missions

Russian Helicopters Showcases Unique Capabilities of Russian Rotorcraft in Geneva

03 Oct 2014
Commander of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan is impressed with the Mi-17 helicopter

General John Campbell described the capabilities of the helicopter “incredible”

01 Oct 2014
What Lifts Helicopter in the Air

About the structural features of blades and flight safety

23 Sep 2014
Russian Helicopters is testing the Mi-171A2 with the KBO-17 onboard avionics system

The holding company plans to certify the helicopter by 2015

19 Sep 2014
Mi-24: the first Russian gunship

Russian Helicopters marks the 45th anniversary of the first flight of the Mi-24

17 Sep 2014
Russian Helicopters to present military and civilian aircraft in South Africa

Experts will discuss the unique capabilities of the Mi-171SH, Mi-17-V5, Mi-35M, and Ansat-U helicopters

11 Sep 2014
Russian Helicopters and AgustaWestland open service center

The center, which operates on the basis of a joint venture, will service AW139 helicopters

Mi-10: the first "flying crane"

The year 2014 marks the 50th anniversary since the start of serial production of the famous helicopter

04 Sep 2014
Gelendzhik Hosts Hydroaviasalon-2014

This is the only show in the world that exhibits achievements of both aeronautical and marine technology

03 Sep 2014
Russian Helicopters present relevant multi-purpose aircrafts

During the Hydroaviasalon - 2014 the holding shared their experience of operating helicopters in water regions

20 Aug 2014
From smartphones to helicopters: Rostec Corporation's most noteworthy products

In 2013, enterprises of Rostec Corporation introduced a number of innovative and competitive products to the market

13 Aug 2014
Russian Helicopters has authorized a service center in Brazil

A certificate was presented at Latin American Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition LABACE 2014

12 Aug 2014
Russian Helicopters to describe operating aircraft in Latin America

Specialists will describe the features of the Mi-171A1 and Ka-32A11BC at the LABACE 2014 exhibition

05 Aug 2014
The first Russian Arctic helicopter to be built in Ulan-Ude

Tests will begin this winter

14 Jul 2014
Russian Helicopters to show civil and military versions of its aircraft in the UK

The Farnborough International Air Show will showcase the holding's latest models

10 Jun 2014
Russian Helicopters streamlines Rostvertol management structure

Company announces that Pyotr Motrenko has been appointed Managing Director

22 May 2014
The day of Russian Helicopters

The holding shows a new helicopter model at HeliRussia-2014

20 May 2014
Russian Helicopters will exhibit its latest developments in Berlin

Civil and military aircrafts will be on display at the ILA Berlin Air Show

19 May 2014
Russia has sent Ka-32 helicopters to Serbia

Crews will undertake search and rescue missions in flooded areas

14 May 2014
Russia increases its share in the helicopter market

By 2020, Russia plans to have 20% of the global helicopter market

13 May 2014
Russian Helicopters ready to equip Indian aircraft carrier

The holding may place Ka-28 and Ka-31 class helicopters on the Vikramaditya aircraft carrier

28 Apr 2014
Every sixth helicopter in the world is Russian

Rostec has consolidated Russia’s helicopter-building resources

28 Apr 2014
Russian Helicopters’ revenue grows by 10%

Representatives from the holding presented 2013 financial and operating results

25 Mar 2014
Russian Helicopters to showcase new models in Chile

The company will present multirole Mi-35M military transport helicopter

17 Mar 2014
Helicopters Mi-171A1 score cargo transport record

Holding "Russian Helicopters" bring under South American markets

13 Mar 2014
Anniversary model Mi-17 ready to send to India

The 3,500th export helicopter will be delivered under a contract signed by Rosoboronexport

24 Feb 2014
Russian Helicopters to showcase new helicopters at USA

Multipurpose helicopters Mi-171A2, and Mi-38 will be shown at the exhibition Heli-Expo 2014

13 Feb 2014
Russian Helicopters displays military helicopters at Singapore Airshow 2014

At the conference, operators had the chance to learn more about military helicopters in the Mi-8/17 series and the Mi-35M

11 Feb 2014
Olympics air support

Russian helicopters are involved in the organization of the country’s most important sporting event

06 Feb 2014
Olympic Air Patrol

Russian helicopters will be on duty in Sochi

06 Feb 2014
Russian Helicopters in Singapore

The holding is to participate at the SingaporeAirshow international air show

30 Jan 2014
Production of helicopters AW139 has approved

Joint venture "Helicopters of Russia" received an international certificate

30 Jan 2014
Russian Helicopters are preparing plans for a new aircraft

Specialists are developing the plans at the Mil Moscow Helicopter Factory

28 Jan 2014
Ka-32 service and maintenance centre opens in the Republic of Korea

The multi-role Ka-32 has been supplied to South Korea since 1993

20 Jan 2014
Ka-62 to be adapted for export

The cost of obtaining an international safety certificate for the helicopter is RUB 1 billion

09 Jan 2014
Ka-32A11BC rescues passengers from ship

The Akademik Shokalskiy ship was trapped in Antarctic sea ice

27 Dec 2013
Mi-28N Night Hunter enters into service with the Russian Defence Ministry

The helicopter boast superior flight capabilities, allowing it to perform aerobatic manoeuvres

20 Dec 2013
Peru purchases group of Russian Mil Mi-17S helicopters

The deal is the largest in the history of military-technical cooperation between the two countries

17 Dec 2013
Mi-38 with Russian engines makes first flight

Russian Helicopters announce the successful start of testing of the third prototype Mi-38 helicopter

12 Dec 2013
Russian Helicopters wins Company of the Year award

The holding has made a noticeable contribution to strengthening a high-tech

03 Dec 2013
Helicopter ambulances are indispensable in disasters

The Ansat and Ka-226T medical helicopters were presented at the All-Russian Emergency Medical Center

27 Nov 2013
Indonesia received another Mi-171

Russian Helicopters delivers latest commercial helicopter to Airfast Indonesia

20 Nov 2013
New VIP helicopters shown to Kremlin administrators

The Administrative Office of the President has been shown the Mi-171A2 and Mi-38 helicopter models

18 Nov 2013
Mi-171E transport helicopters delivered to China

Chinese helicopter operations praised the indefatigability, reliability and ruggedness of the Russian-built helicopters

15 Nov 2013
The new Ka-62 and other helicopter models will be presented at Dubai Airshow-2013

Russian Helicopters will present a range of modern civil and military vehicles

13 Nov 2013
Russian Helicopters strengthens senior management with three new appointments

The appointments were confirmed by a meeting of the Board of Directors of Russian Helicopters

07 Nov 2013
The latest developments of Russian Helicopters presented in Cuba

The Russian holding company showed the Ansat, Mi-171A2 and Mi-17V-5 at the FIHAV-2013 show

31 Oct 2013
Russian Helicopters has received an award for its work on the Mi-38 helicopter

The Mil Helicopter Factory was recognized as Aircraft Manufacturer of the Year

29 Oct 2013
Russian Helicopters will participate in SEOUL ADEX 2013

The holding company will present the firefighting Ka-32A11BC, the multipurpose Mi-171A2, and the new Ka-62 helicopter models

25 Oct 2013
The Night Hunter helicopter will be outfitted with new equipment

Specialists from Rostec holding companies are modernizing the Mi-28N military helicopter

23 Oct 2013
Rosteс will present its developments at FIHAV- 2013

"Russian Helicopters" will presents its multipurpose light helicopter ANSAT at the Havana International Fair

18 Oct 2013
More than 60 countries are using the Russian Crocodile

Crocodile is a combat vehicle made by Russian Helicopters

16 Oct 2013
Russian Helicopters delivers Mi-171E to Kazakhstan

Mi-171E is able to operate across localities from steppe to mountains and can withstand temperatures from plus to minus 50

03 Oct 2013
Russian technologies in BRICS markets

Interview with the head of department of marketing and foreign trade activity of Rostec, Sergei Goreslavskiy

24 Sep 2013
Russian Helicopters names Alexander Mikheev as CEO

Russian Helicopters’ outgoing CEO Dmitry Petrov will continue to work within Rostec

24 Sep 2013
Russian Helicopters names Alexander Mikheev as CEO

Russian Helicopters’ outgoing CEO Dmitry Petrov will continue to work within Rostec

23 Sep 2013
Russian Helicopters will take part in the Helitech International exhibition

The Russian helicopters Ka-62 and Ka-32A11BC will be the primary models for demonstration

13 Sep 2013
A New Concept for Servicing Helicopters

“Russian Helicopters” is reorganizing the after-purchase and repair services for operators abroad

12 Sep 2013

11 Sep 2013

10 Sep 2013
On the way to light helicopters

Currently the main task of Russian Helicopters is the successful implementation of projects in traditional market segments

03 Sep 2013
European Rotorcraft Forum started in Moscow

Russian Helicopters to Host the World’s Leading Scientists and Experts

03 Sep 2013

02 Sep 2013
Ultralight helicopter for the global market

At developing of this machine will be engaged Russian Helicopters and AgustaWestland

29 Aug 2013
Helicopter Ansat certified

The ceremony of giving certificate was held at the international air show MAKS-2013

22 Aug 2013
Rostec has become interested in ultra-strong enamel

A technology of producing new special-type paints for military purposes will be applied in 2014

21 Aug 2013
Russia and China to make an extra-heavy helicopter

New rotorcraft will be with the load capacity greater than that of Mi-26, the biggest one of its class.

13 Aug 2013
Women air display team Colibri at an air show in Italy

Open Italian Helicopter Games 2013 are to be held in Caiolo airfield

05 Aug 2013
MAKS to show some new helicopters

Prototypes of multipurpose helicopters Mi-171А2 and Ка-62 to be shown in the air show in Zhukovsky

05 Aug 2013
Russian Helicopters to supply 40 «Terminators» for the Defense Ministry

A federal contract valued at 12.6 billion rubles

29 Jul 2013
“Moscow Night 2013”

Russian Helicopters has organized helicopter races

26 Jul 2013
Russian Helicopters to install new software protection system

The system consists of new instruments and protecting technologies for helicopters

26 Jul 2013
Police helicopter will help in the fight against poachers

The aviation factory in Ulan-Ude has released a police helicopter

23 Jul 2013
Forbes’ five helicopters of the future

What will the third largest helicopter building company offer to the market in future?

18 Jul 2013
First Moscow by Night helicopter show

Rostec’s Russian Helicopters holding company is the general partner of the event

08 Jul 2013
Ka-52K may go to France

The naval version of the Ka-52 Alligator will be ready by 2014

04 Jul 2013
Russian Helicopters delivers latest cargo and passenger Mi-171A1 to Brazil

Atlas Taxi Aereo appreciates the advantages of the Мi-171А1, including excellent flight performance, reliability and easy maintenance

19 Jun 2013
Russian Ка-52 Alligator combat helicopter creates a sensation at Le Bourget

Spectacular program full of aerobatic manoeuvres was one of the highlights of the Paris Air Show

18 Jun 2013
Drones are the future

Russia will take advantage of the very best global experience when creating its own drones

13 Jun 2013
Oboronprom to cooperate with Sikorsky Aircraft

Helicopter-manufacturing companies will be able to exchange experiences

27 May 2013
Rostec to participate in IMDS-2013

One of the three leading international exhibitions of naval equipment and weaponry

17 May 2013
Russian-built AW139 found new consumer

HeliVert and Exclases Russia have signed a contract on 5 helicopters delivery

17 May 2013
Rosoboronexport announces new export lines

Three new helicopter models are being added to Russia’s export range

17 May 2013
The US needs more Russian helicopters

The supply of additional Mi-17V5 helicopters to Afghanistan is being discussed

16 May 2013
Future of helicopter industry

Russian Helicopters presents current line-up of civilian and military helicopters at HeliRussia 2013

14 May 2013
Russia’s first heliport to appear on Crocus’s roof

A project by Russian Helicopters and Russian Helicopter Systems

13 May 2013
On the eve of HeliRussia 2013

The CEO of Russian Helicopters talks about their latest projects

08 May 2013
How Victory was forged

The country’s leading industrial plants gave their all for the frontline and for victory

06 May 2013
Rostec in Indonesia

Rostec subsidiaries held negotiations in Indonesia

17 Apr 2013
Russian Helicopters to display multi-purpose rotorcrafts in China

The holding to participate in international Asian exhibition of commercial aviation

15 Apr 2013
Cycling Team of Russian Helicopters has won the third prize

Russian Kiril Yatsevich has won the third prize in ZLM tour

15 Apr 2013
Brazil to obtain helicopter technologies

Dmitry Shugaev, Deputy Director General of Rostec on face-recognition system at Olympics and other things

11 Apr 2013
Ka-32A11BC will demonstrate its performances in France

In 2013, this helicopter became a symbol of the Global Helicopter Firefighting Initiative

27 Mar 2013
Russian Helicopters to Get Access to MRO Service in South Africa

Russian Helicopters and Denel Aviation unveil an authorized maintenance and service center in Johannesburg

26 Mar 2013
Russian Helicopters Displaying New Models

Kamov Ka-62, Ansat and other new helicopter designs featured at the LIMA 3013 Exhibition

21 Mar 2013
5 world records of Mi-38

Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) registered the achievements of Mi-38 in 2012

18 Mar 2013
Kazan Helicopters leading in combat rotorcrafts export

45 exported helicopters out of 66 are produced in Kazan

15 Mar 2013
Russia and Italy Map Out Prospects

Rostec holding companies expand cooperation in the aviation industry

05 Mar 2013
Rostec to offer Radio-Electronic Technologies to investors

Radio-Electronic Technologies looks to hold an IPO by the end of 2015

05 Mar 2013
Russian Helicopters to Enter US Markets

Russian Helicopters Holding Company to introduce multi-role Kamov Ka-62, Mil Mi-171A2 and Kamov Ka-32A11BC at Heli-Expo 2013

04 Mar 2013
Rostec prepares several IPOs

The Corporation is to hold IPO in several holdings in the following years

28 Feb 2013
Russian helicopters participated in exhibition devoted to the 90 years of civil aeronautics in Russia

The holding presented unique archive photographs of the Kamov and Mil enterprises

22 Feb 2013
Taking off

The Head of Russian Helicopters Dmitri Petrov tells about KumAPE and sector prospectives

20 Feb 2013
Russia and the UAE expand the cooperation

Denis Manturov tells about the intergovernmental Russian-Emirate trade, economic and technical cooperation meeting results

19 Feb 2013
Vanilla sky

Russia shaped the Colibri first woman squadron

07 Feb 2013
Consolidation limits

What is the ideal size of Russian defence industry corporations to become international market leaders?

06 Feb 2013
Rostec displays innovative solutions in India

Aero India-2013 will see the newest samples of civil and military equipment

29 Jan 2013
Kazan Helicopters supports an orphan house

The plant is to cooperate with the orphan house of Privolzhsky district

29 Jan 2013
Ka-226T to be presented on aviation show in India

Russian Helicopters plans to show light multi-purpose helicopter in Bangalore

29 Jan 2013
New Russian helicopters to be displayed in Las Vegas

Ka-62 will be introduced to the international market

24 Jan 2013
The growing potential of Russian Helicopters in Latin America

Growing demand for Russian helicopters

26 Sep 2012
Russian Helicopters

A holding company that unites the nation's helicopter manufacturing companies

04 Sep 2012

Multi-purpose engineering and high technology group

03 Sep 2012
International RotorCraft Services FZC

‘Russian Helicopters’ and Airfreight Aviation Ltd. (UAE)

03 Sep 2012

HeliVert – is a joint venture of ‘Russian Helicopters’ and AgustaWestland (Italy)

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