Vladimir Putin Met with Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov

Vladimir Putin Met with Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov

Photo: press-service of the RF President

Revenue of the Rostec State Corporation reached in 2018 1.642 trillion Rubles, almost two-thirds of it accounted for the sale of commercial products and export of high-tech solutions. The consolidated net profit of the company exceeded 128 billion Rubles. The average salary level for the Corporation was 49.5 thousand Rubles. This was announced by Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov during a meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Presenting the annual report of the Corporation, Sergey Chemezov said that in 2018 Rostec fulfilled the state defense order by 99.6% and is ahead of the state task of diversifying production – the share of commercial products in total revenue increased by 1.5 percent and reached 30%.

The last year was also a record year for Russian arms exports. The total volume of deliveries through Rosoboronexport amounted to $ 13.7 billion. A portfolio of firm foreign orders for Russian military equipment reached $ 55 billion.

The company's net profit margin was 7.8%. The average monthly salary increased by almost 6 percentage points upto 49.5 thousand Rubles.

Key events

Sergey Chemezov called one of the striking examples of work in the commercial area  the construction of information and telecommunications infrastructure for the 2018 FIFA world Cup. System solutions by the Corporation provided unprecedented quality of television broadcasts for viewers from 220 countries and uninterrupted communication. Efficient project management allowed to save more than 500 million Rubles for the state budget, which is confirmed by the results of the Treasury audit.

During the championship, an intelligent face-recognition system FindFace was also tested, thanks to which it was possible to detain more than 100 offenders. A partner of the Corporation was NtechLab – the Creator of face-recognition technology, which, according to the American Agency for research in the area of intelligence, is the best in our time.


Separately, Sergey Chemezov focused on the key projects of the Corporation in the area of health care. In particular, Rostec completed in 2018 a programme to construct and equip 15 modern perinatal centres in the Russian regions.

Also, clinical studies of the domestic influenza vaccine of the last generation – the first such composition on the Russian market containing 4 strains of the virus - were completed. As the Head of Rostec noted, the use of tetravalent vaccines is a global trend that can significantly reduce the incidence of the population. Just recently, the vaccine was registered in the Ministry of health, says Sergey Chemezov. The vaccine will be produced in Russia using full-cycle technology.

In addition, clinical studies of the three-component combined vaccine against measles, rubella, mumps were completed. The documents for its registration were transferred to the Ministry of health.

Participation in national projects

The Head of the Corporation noted that Rostec is actively involved in the implementation of almost all national projects enshrined in the "May" presidential decrees.

Thus, in the framework of the national project "Digital economy", Rostec became the operator of the roadmaps for end-to-end digital technologies of 5G wireless communications, industrial Internet of things (IIoT) and the blockchain. The Corporation develops and implements digital technologies in public administration, energy, industry, housing and communal services, social sphere. It increases the development of modern components, various software, telecommunication and computer equipment, etc.

In the interests of the national project "Health care", the Corporation creates new types of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, constructs and equips medical clinics in the regions of the Russian Federation. With the participation of the Corporation, a Federal project on digital labeling of goods was launched which helps to control the quality of medicines. In addition, in 2018, a project to create a national aviation ambulance service was launched, in which more than 40 billion rubles are being invested.

As noted by Sergey Chemezov, participation in the implementation of national projects is closely linked to the state objectives in the area of diversification of the military-industrial complex, that demonstrates extensive growth in promising commercial markets – electronics, IT, medical equipment, chemistry, new materials.

The radio-electronic cluster of the Corporation became the leader of diversification in 2018 : its consolidated revenue for the year increased by 18% upto 266.6 billion Rubles, and net profit showed almost 8-fold growth, amounting to 12.4 billion Rubles.