UEC has Delivered a Next Il-76MD-90A Strategic Airlifter

UEC has Delivered a Next Il-76MD-90A Strategic Airlifter

Photo: United Aircraft Corporation

Ulyanovsk-based PJSC Il-Aviastar, an aircraft manufacturer branch of United Aircraft Corporation, has made and delivered a next Il-76MD-90A strategic airlifter. 

The Il-76MD-90A is a highly upgraded Il-76MD version consisting of domestically made components. It is designed to carry and air drop military vehicles, personnel and cargo.

“The new aircraft has been included in the military transport aviation regiment. The factory fulfills its obligations for aircraft manufacturing within the Production Program 2023 in order to provide the military transport aviation with the state-of-the-art airlifters, which are currently needed in the field. The need for considerable increase in the fleet of the Il-76MD-90A made by our company was emphasized by Sergey Shoigu, Minister of Defence of Russia, during his visit to Aviastar,” pointed out Sergey Sheremetov, Director of PJSC Il-Aviastar branch. 

To fulfill the Production Program, the Ulyanovsk-based aircraft manufacturer has started large-scale modernization and site improvement, personnel work stations are being equipped with high-tech hardware, the wages are growing.