TsNIITochMach Prepares Modernized Marksmanship Trainer for Mass Production

TsNIITochMach Prepares Modernized Marksmanship Trainer for Mass Production

The engineers of Rostec's Central Scientific-Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TsNIITochMash) prepared for mass production the modernized shooter training device 1U35M1 with the operating name 'Knut' (lit. Whip) for individual marksmanship training of military personnel.

The shooting trainer Knut is designed to develop steady shooting skills up to professional and to support the skill. The realism is reached through the work of all the mechanisms of the weapon and full barrel kickback which is imitated via electromagnetic impulse.

The modernized trainer teaches how to deliver fire at the range of 100 to 700 meters from various types of shooter arms: AK-74 or series 100, the Dragunov sniper rifle with the PSO-1 aim, the auto-machinegun RPK-74 or series 200, Pecheneg and grenade-thrower RPG-7V1 with PGO-7V3 aim, RPG-26, GP-25 (GP-30). The skills and rules for practicing shooting on the trainer are similar to those applied when operating weapons of war.

The opening course on this 1U35M1 trainer is a set of 10-12 classes lasting 15 minutes a day. 'The shooting' can be carried out from the following position - prone, kneeling, and upright at static and moving targets. The training is completely adapted to the requirements of the current Russian military marksmanship courses.

The electronic targets for the trainer Knut were created with the consideration of the experience of the popular tactical shooter games like Counter Strike to provide an interface that modern enlisted men many of whom have a rich gaming experience would find most familiar.

The kickback in the modern trainer is delivered through magnet drivers and an original lever system which provides the weapon drift corresponding with that occurring while firing weapons of war.

Besides that, TsNIITochMach engineers have advanced the software and the target layout. Another option is using standard weapons. To provide that, the trainer is equipped with special detectors.

Using new materials and template solutions helped reduce the cost of the new trainer (as compared to that of the previous version) by the factor of six.