The Rostec Development Set to Prevent Deformation of Bridges and High-Rise Buildings

The Rostec Development Set to Prevent Deformation of Bridges and High-Rise Buildings

Shvabe, holding of Rostec State Corporation, creates a monitoring system of mechanical and thermal deformations of bridges, tunnels, dams, overpasses and high-rise buildings in real time. Embedded into the construction, the system automatically detects abnormalities and transmits testimonies to the operating entities during the lifespan of the object. 

The system gives an opportunity to monitor the parameters of the 50 km long extended facilities, whether they have any deformations. Due to the special sensors it is able to find multiple defects. Moreover, the development has the function of continuous temperature measurement over the entire length of the object. To date, these tasks have been carried out with the help of manual labor, the use of thermometers and geodetic instruments. 

“The purpose of the system is to monitor the condition of objects in real time and promptly respond to any deviations. That will allow the operators to perform preventive and repair work, avoiding critical situations. The main application area of the new product - objects of Russian Railways, Rosavtodor, oil and gas companies. It can also be used to monitor the condition of high-rise buildings and other structures. We expect to start mass production of the system by November 2022. The cost depends on the specific objects” – their length, area, complexity of structures, etc. - said Oleg Yevtushenko, Executive Director of Rostec. 

The system will be able to be integrated into objects at the construction stage, as well as to be installed on existing structures, except for barrages and dams. It takes and transmits testimonies completely automatically. The operator's function is to monitor readings and respond to incoming signals. 

System’s work is based on different sensors, analyzing the parameters of the light flow, which passes through the optical fiber, and determining the temperature changes as well as if there is any deformation. It also includes an optical analyzer unit and a personal computer for processing the measurement information. 

As part of the state Corporation, the project is implemented by the structure of the Shvabe holding − Novosibirsk Instrument Factory.