The Engine Plant of KAMAZ is Finishing the Installation of the Line for assembly of R6 power units


The Engine Plant of KAMAZ is Finishing the Installation of the Line for assembly of R6 power units

The engine plant of KAMAZ is finishing the installation of the line for painting, assembly and completion of R6 power units under a large-scale project for six-cylinder in-line engines production.

Construction works at the new line in Shop 423 are completed: all structures are assembled, a ventilation system is mounted. According to Head of Engine and R6 Power Unit Assembly Shop Oleg Zakharov, next is a new step – commissioning works: testing of an overhead pushing conveyor, air and water supply systems, launch of electric engines, which is to last till the end of March.

Besides, they started preparing for serial production of power units. The mother computer will store data about models to be assembled there. The system gets customized for each engine and transmission, which is an important feature of the new line.

The head computer of the line is in a protective housing with a cooling system keeping the constant temperature at 21-22 °C regardless of a season. It is just a computer which commences the whole procedure. It receives a task in an 18-digit part number (denoting a power unit). The computer distributes tasks among all operational stations where each operator sees on his operation panel what and in what order he needs to do. In all, there will be 71 jobs on the new line. The core staff has already been trained.

First, the engine goes to a setting-up area. Then, it passes all stages of assembly operations of transmission mounting, reaches a lifting section. From there, the power unit gets into a washing chamber to pass all stages of degreasing, washing and finishing. After that, it gets dry at the temperature of 100 °C and goes to a paint booth. Depending on a paint, the engine gets dry in a pre-drying cabinet at 40 °C and in a chamber of final high-temperature drying at 90 °C. And finally, the already painted power unit goes to a completing site.

The line can accept 21 power unit one by one. The assembly rate is expected to be 2 minutes 40 seconds. Given that it is planned to produce 44 thous. vehicles a year, it is expected to produce 4 thous. engines of various modifications a month. These engines will power trucks of the promising K5 generation the production of which is scheduled for 2019.