Tecmash Shows Tornado-G in Action Abroad for the First Time


Tecmash Shows Tornado-G in Action Abroad for the First Time

Rostec State Corporation's Tecmash demonstrated unique footage of the whole Tornado-G multiple launch rocket system in action during the International exhibit IDEX-2019.

The combat vehicle Tornado-G is equipped with an automated fire control system and launch preparation equipment. This helps reduce human participation in the preparation, pointing the cluster and the shooting itself as well as automated topographic precise positioning and inland navigation of the combat vehicle which leads to reflecting the topographic conditions in question on an electronic map. It is also possible to enter flight mission data into the actuators remotely and launch the newly developed and the standard jet-propelled projectiles without the operating personnel leaving the combat vehicle's cockpit.

A cluster for Tornado-G comprises forty launching tubes. The system was developed for 122 mm projectiles which makes both Tornado-G and Grad projectiles suitable, as noted by Tecmash's press service.

The company's exhibit also demonstrates for the first time one of the projectiles developed for Tornado-G, a 122-mm unguided missile with an increased ammunition effectiveness high-explosive fragmentation warhead (index 9M539). Tecmash's new-comer is designed to attack both open and sheltered troops, soft-skin equipment, tactical headquarters and other targets.

'Jet-propelled projectiles prove effective in hitting targets behind folds in the terrain (backfolds, corridors etc.) and in the mountains. The shooting range is 5 to 20 kilometers. Temperature limits for battle operation range from –50 °С to +50 °С. The average kill performance is six times that of an unguided jet-propelled high-explosive fragmentation missile 9M22U, Grad's original projectile,' says the director general of Tecmash Vladimir Lepin.

Here at Abu Dhabi, Tecmash also demonstrated its remote percussion fuse for the 122-mm unguided jet-propelled projectile 9M539 with a detachable increased ammunition effectiveness high-explosive fragmentation warhead. The fuse sends two commands: the first one to actuate the igniter and detach the warhead, and the second - to detonate the explosive.

According to Tecmash's press service, international specialists and military experts paid particular attention to the Russian high-profile development in grenade launcher equipment - the antipersonnel system Balkan. The grenade launcher system developed in NPO Pribor has a shooting range that is 25% larger than that of the standard 30-mm systems (AGS-17 Plamya and AGS-30).