"Technodinamika" Will Support the International Festival of Drone Racing

"Technodinamika" Will Support the International Festival of Drone Racing

The second international festival of drone racing Rostec Drone Festival will be held in Moscow on August 24 and 25. The event is organized by the All-Russia society of Sports and Physical Training "Trudivye Reservy"( Labor reserves) together with Drone Sports Global and with the support of "Technodinamika" holding of the Rostec. State Corporation.

The drone racing festival of will gather the best aces of aerobatics on its site. This year, 32 professional pilots, including from the USA, China, Korea, Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain, Latvia and Poland, will participate in the competition.

"Drone racing is a high-tech sport, it is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world, – commented the event "Technodinamika" General Director of Igor Nasenkov. – For the "Technodinamika"" the development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is one of the most important areas for us. We are pleased that young people are showing great interest in this area. After all, new technologies are the future, and even now UAV control specialists are in demand in many industries."

By the beginning of the festival a two-level race track with suspended structures and a tunnel for the spectators, along which everyone will be able to pass and see the race from its epicenter, will be constructed in Gorky Park.

In addition, guests will have the opportunity to try themselves as professional pilots and master drone control on a computer simulator, as well as listen at master classes from professional pilots about the trends and innovations in the world of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The program of the event will consist of a qualification race, in which both professionals and amateurs will be able to try their hand at passing the race track and objectively assess their own level of piloting, as well as competitions of the strongest Russian and foreign professional racers.

The best Russian pilots are going to compete for the title of the winner: they are 2018 Russia champion Kirill Fedukovich and sixteen-year-old Drone Sports Global team leader Platon Maximov.