Such Different KAMAZes


Such Different KAMAZes

Photo: Alexander Utkin

When we hear the word ‘KAMAZ’ the image projected in our mind is a heavy-duty truck that tirelessly overcomes off-road conditions and huge distances. However, the flagship of the Russian automotive industry is currently not only a truck manufacturer. KAMAZ implies modern electric buses, road machinery and orders for the Ministry of Defence. Vehicles made in Naberezhnye Chelny are used as the basis for camper vans, various special vehicles and even drones. Just a few interesting examples of the whole variety of modern KAMAZ applications are listed below.


Unmanned KAMAZes: there are wheels and no driver

KAMAZ has been working on unmanned trucks for a long time and in several areas at a time. First, some KAMAZ-54901 digital freight trucks have been gaining experience in delivery of goods on the federal highway from St.Petersburg to Moscow since the previous year. Second, testing of drones mounted on the commercial KAMAZ-43118 is underway. And these digital vehicles are tested directly in the most severe arctic conditions – at the production fields in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. 

Photo: KAMAZ

The KAMAZ-6559 (Jupiter-30) dump truck has been created together with professionals from Bauman Moscow State Technical University and is designed for standalone quarry operations. It was developed directly for unmanned applications, therefore it has a futuristic cabinless design. This uncommon KAMAZ is designed for fairly common applications – transportation of loose rock or ore, but without the presence of people in a hazardous zone. The dump truck uses a shuttle motion mode to enable loading and unloading without turns and other maneuvers. This approach saves fuel and improves the vehicle performance. Capacity of the first dump truck in the future product family is 30 tons and speed is 56 km/h.


KAMAZ-Arktika: a super rough-terrain truck for the Far North

This vehicle is worlds apart from all previous vehicles that have previously rolled off the assembly lines. Unique arctic off-terrain truck KAMAZ-Arktika designed together with Special Design Bureau MAMI and some Russian universities was introduced in 2017.

The arctic KAMAZ is certified as a snow and swamp-going vehicle that is available in two wheeled versions: 6х6 and 8х8. The customer may chose among: the V8 and L6 engines. There is only automatic transmission. The maximum speed is 55 km/h and capacity is 13 tons. Large wheels have wide balloon tires weighing 1/4 ton each. The KAMAZ is the articulated frame steered vehicle. The clearance is almost 0.7 m. 

Photo: Alexander Utkin

The designers have took care of the crew and equipped the new rough-terrain vehicle with a full-scale living module that supports self-contained life of the crew for at least three days. The module has three beds, kitchen, shower, toilet, utilities and even a TV. The standard arctic KAMAZ version includes a boom crane without which you will not be able even to change the wheels.


KAMAZ-6250: a rough-terrain bus for gas field personnel

The KAMAZ-6250 four-wheel bus for rotation workers has been designed at the request of Gazprom. This is a real passenger rough-terrain vehicle: a complete medium-sized bus with a frame-panel body.

Distinctive design of the rough-terrain bus rhymes with the cutting-edge KAMAZ K5 trucks. The bus body in turn is mounted on the KAMAZ-43502 (4×4) chassis – a heavy-duty off-road truck.

Photo: KAMAZ

At the customer's option, a diesel-powered and gas-powered crew bus versions are available. The latter uses liquefied or compressed natural gas.

Capacity of the rough-terrain bus passenger compartment is 32 seats. There is a 23 seat version, but it is outfitted with luggage compartments. The bus meets the off-road driving safety requirements.