Shvabe Supplied Diffractive Optics to a Norwegian Company


Shvabe Supplied Diffractive Optics to a Norwegian Company

A new lot of diffraction gratings of the Shvabe holding company of Rostec State Corporation was manufactured and delivered to Norway. Optical products will find their use in scientific research.

The products are made for the research company Norsk Elektro Optikk AS. The customer uses diffraction gratings for equipping hyperspectral lenses, through which scientists conduct research in the field of forestry, geology and agriculture.

Development and mass manufacturing of products are carried out by specialists of the Scientific Production Association “State Institute of Applied Optics” (SPA SIAO) of Shvabe holding.

“Our company is the largest manufacturer of diffractive optics in Russia. We supplied more than 400 products to Germany, Ireland, Slovakia and other countries in 2018 alone. In particular, Norway accounted for the largest export of 250 units. SPA SIAO developments nowdays used in many optical devices, proving high quality in action”, said Villen Baloev, General Director of SPA SIAO.

Irish company SCO TRADE Ltd., which has a representative office in Finland has already been supplied with the enterprise’s diffraction gratings this year. As part of the optical-electronic devices, they help environmentalists to assess the state of the air, soil and vegetation, as well as carry out agricultural and geological mapping.