Shvabe Laser Microscope is Used to Diagnose Cancer


Shvabe Laser Microscope is Used to Diagnose Cancer

Based on the results of successful testing, Shvabe laser microscope MIM-340 manufactured by Shvabe holding was purchased by Perm Federal Research Institute UrO RAS (PFRI UrO RAS). Today, using own MIM-340 sample, specialists are developing the new system for diagnostics of oncological diseases at an early stage.    

During the half of a year scientists of the Perm center have conducted over 300 experiments using MIM-340 microscope, having obtained over 10 thousand 3D-images of normal and tumor cell dynamic processes.

“Innovations of Perm scientists may discover new ways of solutions of such a serious problem as oncology. Data of the Ministry of Health Care show that today over 3.5 million people in Russia suffer from oncological diseases. This number increases by 1.5% worldwide every year. Our innovational holding desires to make all efforts to suspend this growth. Schwabe microscope demonstrated great results on working with a live cell in biomedicine, microbiology and pharmacology. In fighting cancer, this can become an efficient tool, which is not only capable of revealing a disease, but also allows oncologists evaluating quality of drugs and to select most effective drugs considering individual parameters of each patient” – Ivan Ozhgikhin, Shvabe Deputy General Director stated.

MIM-340 is first domestic laser interferential 3D-microscope with nano-resolution. The set creates a live 3D-image of the core of each individual cell. Today it has been tested in 9 leading higher institutions and largest R&D centers of 8 regions of Russia, including at MGU, Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics of UO of RAS, Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine of SO of RAS, etc.