Russian Premiere of Octava Vocal Wireless System has been Held

Russian Premiere of Octava Vocal Wireless System has been Held

Photo: R&D Center Octava Design and Marketing

At the audio equipment exhibition within the Wild Mint music festival, R&D Center Octava Design and Marketing has presented its first product in the new wireless system family. The Russian new product will be available for preorder soon. 

For the new product family, Octava DM offers specifications that are equal or exceed those of foreign-made wireless systems. 

The new Octava wireless microphone system family will include the product versions with one and two handheld microphones, bodypack transmitter and light small headband microphone. The scope of supply will include a compact metal-enclosed stationary receiver with bright informative LED display. In order to improve signal quality and reliability, the wireless system will be furnished with a True Diversity function (a diversity reception technology where the signal quality depends on the distance between antennas) and IR synchronization to enhance connectivity. 

A version with one vocal wireless dynamic microphone was presented at the Wild Mint festival. The weight of a metal-enclosed ergonomic transmitter is 300 g. 

The pre-production prototype has been tested before during entertainment and educational events in small auditoria. The vocal wireless system ensures reliable signal reception in a radius up to 80 meters and enables to convey all voice colors and details to the full extent. The use of an additional external antenna system may increase the signal range up to 160 meters. 

The wireless system family is designed for sound processing in theaters, studios, lecture halls, concert and any other professional venues. Octava wireless systems may also be used at karaoke clubs and at home.