Ruselectronics Unveils the Dazzling Lyutik Station at the Forum “ARMY 2021”

Ruselectronics Unveils the Dazzling Lyutik Station at the Forum “ARMY 2021”

Photo: Victor Molodtsov

Ruselectronics Holding of the Rostec State Corporation has for the first time demonstrated the Lyutik-N portable visual optical dazzling station at the Army 2021 Forum. It can be used for special operations and counter-terrorism efforts. The device is designed to be installed on helmets, shockproof or armored shields and makes it possible to blind the enemy temporarily at a distance up to 100 m, including the one armed with an optical sight weapon.  

The station operates on the basis of optical radiation intensity modulation with the output capacity of about 90 lm/W, which induces temporary blinding. The wearable weight is 2.2 kg. The station is enclosed in a shock-proof sealed case and can be used in the temperature range from –40 to +40 Degrees Centigrade. The maximal time of switching from Off to On position is 10 seconds. It can be used in the dazzling mode for 85 minutes.  

Lyutik-N can also be used as floodlight to illuminate shady areas. The operating time of the station in this case stands at 45 minutes.  

The Experimental Plant “Integral”, a company of the Vega Group, is developing Lyutik-N stations in Ruselectronics.  

“The global trend is to expand the use of non-lethal aids to neutralize criminals, and this leads to an increase in demand for such developments. Lyutik-N underwent factory tests and is ready for pilot operation by one of prospective customers. We expect that law enforcement agencies will take interest in this product and are ready to produce up to 20,000 stations annually,” said Vyacheslav Mikheev, CEO of the Vega Group. 

The International Military-Technical Forum “Army 2021” is being held in the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center in the Moscow Region from August 22 to 28. The display of Ruselectronics is in the Hall B and in the Rostec’s demonstration center.