Rostec to Showcase more than 100 Developments at the HeliRussia-2023

Rostec to Showcase more than 100 Developments at the HeliRussia-2023

Photo: Helicopter Industry Association

Rostec will showcase helicopters, drones, advanced VK-650V and VK-1600 helicopter engines, new materials and on-board systems at the 15th HeliRussia-2023 International Exhibition. More than 100 developments will be showcased by the State Corporation. 

United Engine Corporation creates VK-650V engine with a takeoff power of 650 hp for light utility and special-purpose helicopters, including the Ansat. They have improved specific performance compared with foreign counterparts. The VK-1600 having a takeoff power of 1400 hp is designed for Ka-62 helicopter, has high fuel efficiency and low life cycle cost. 

Key exhibits include two prototypes of BAS-200 unmanned aircraft system with various types of target loads and equipment for terrain monitoring. Due to high capacity (50 kg), wide range of monitoring and aerial photography equipment may be mounted on the system. This UAV has successfully passed the test in the Far North, where it delivered goods at low temperatures in severe weather conditions.

Structural materials, honeycomb cores, high-strength organic and silicate glazing are also demonstrated at the exhibition. In particular, a radar-transparent radome for helicopter navigation systems will be demonstrated. It improves airborne radar performance by more than 10% thanks to the use of advanced quartz fabric composites.

In addition, an automatic direction finder and drive electronics for modern aircraft equipment, in particular, for SSJ-NEW passenger aircraft, will be showcased.