Rostec to Launch Production of an Innovative Material for Agricultural Infrastructure

Rostec to Launch Production of an Innovative Material for Agricultural Infrastructure

Photo: Russian Research Center Applied Chemistry

Russian Research Center Applied Chemistry (GIPH), Rostec State Corporation, is to launch a new NEVAFLON fluoropolymer film production line in 2023. It can be used for greenhouse complexes, polytunnels and plant nurseries, and successfully substitutes glass, polycarbonate and other polymer materials. Fluoropolymer film has increased environmental friendliness and strength. Service life of the material is up to 30 years without loss of quality which is unattainable for a traditional polyethylene cover. 

The film is produced by high-technology extrusion method when fluoropolymer melt is squeezed through special equipment and as a result a product with high qualitative properties is obtained. The material is resistant to chemical and physical impacts, is light-weight, highly transparent and fireproof.

“GIPH is the first and only one Russian manufacturer of a wide fluoropolymer film range. This material has a set of advantages for agricultural applications. It has high light transmittance – more than 94%. It is also ultraviolet transparent, in particular in UVA range, which is necessary for normal plant growth. NEVAFLON has antidrop effect and self-cleaning function. It is very durable and can serve longer than 30 years. All these film properties will enable Russian farmers and agricultural companies to improve yields and product quality,” said Oleg Evtushenko, Rostec’s Executive Director.

The films as well as film production waste are 100% recyclable into secondary pellets with basic properties retained. Positive environmental consequences of using the films are twice as high as the carbon footprint of their production which is much lower than that of glass, cotton fabric and even paper packaging.