Rostec to Showcase "City of the Future" Components at Innoprom-2018

Rostec to Showcase "City of the Future" Components at Innoprom-2018

Photo: Anton Tushin

The Rostec State Corporation will present a wide range of advanced developments for the "city of the future" at the 9th international industrial fair, Innoprom 2018. The State Corporation's exhibition stand will demonstrate technologically advanced samples of urban transport, digital systems of the "smart" urban infrastructure, the newest solutions in the field of healthcare and medical equipment. The fair will be held from 9 to 12 July 2018 at the Yekaterinburg-EXPO International Exhibition Centre.

At a 429 square metres' stand Rostec will showcase its developments designed for transformation of the urban environment and creation of the "smart" infrastructure in such fields as security, transport, housing and public utilities, healthcare, etc.

It will also include smart traffic lights developed by the Shvabe holding company that can be automatically adjusted depending on the road traffic load. The Ruselectronics holding company will present electronic components for the Angara high-speed communication network for supercomputer computations, a new system for photo- and video-recording of traffic violations, and a non-contact system for microprocessor-based synchronisation of switches and traffic lights for the subway.

The Mechanical Engineering Concern will demonstrate an automated diagnostics and therapeutic system for human life support to be used in intensive care units and during transportation of patients. The Shvabe holding company's developments also include the AND A15 automatic external defibrillator to be installed at airports, subway stations, shopping malls and stadiums.