Rostec to Deliver 50 MC-21 Airplanes to Aeroflot

Rostec to Deliver 50 MC-21 Airplanes to Aeroflot

Aeroflot will become the largest operator of the newest Russian mainline airplane MC-21. A historic contract for the delivery of 50 next-generation passenger planes will be signed between Aeroflot PJSC and Rostec State Corporation today.

Under a firm contract, a Rostec subsidiary – a leasing company Avia Capital Services LLC - will provide the airline with an operational leasing of 50 MC-21-300 airplanes. Thereby, Aeroflot will become Russia’s largest leaseholder of the newest domestic airliners. Lease payments and maintenance reserves will make no more than USD $5 billion.

The aircraft configuration for Aeroflot is designed to carry 169 passengers (with 16 business-class seats and 153 economic-class seats). The first stage of the contract provides for the supply of aircrafts with a foreign made engine. Starting with the 26th aircraft, Aeroflot will enjoy an option of getting airliners equipped with the new Russian PD-14 engines, which are presently undergoing certification tests.

The first aircraft delivery is expected in the first quarter of 2020, and the last – in 2026. The aircraft lease term will be 12 years, with a threefold 2-year prolongation possibility. Aeroflot is planning active commercial operation of the aircraft both on domestic and international routes.

“The deal is a proof that the Russian civil aviation industry is recovering lost positions and is ranking along the world’s leading manufacturers. MC-21 is a truly breakthrough result for the aviation industry. It uses advanced materials and innovative systems developed by leading national companies. For instance, Rostec produced titanium and composite parts, on-board electronics, chassis and other systems for MS-21, as well as its “heart” – the PD-14 engine. We are confident that this engine will be chosen by Aeroflot as the main MC-21 power unit,” said Sergey Chemezov, the Rostec CEO.

MC-21-300 is a narrow-body medium-haul aircraft, created by Irkut Corporation in cooperation with national industrial companies. Rostec-affiliated holdings like VSMPO-AVISMA, United Engine Corporation, Tekhnodinamika, KRET and RT-Chemcomposite have been actively involved in the aircraft production.

The airliner has the largest fuselage diameter (4.06 m) among the narrow-body aircrafts – this provides passengers with an entirely different level of comfort. For instance, the aircraft cabin has a longer passage between the seats and the rotary luggage shelves of increased capacity. Commissioned by Aeroflot, the airliners are to be provided with Wi-Fi equipment, which enables passengers’ access to the Internet.