Rostec Supplied Equipment to the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant


Rostec Supplied Equipment to the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant

The Roselectronics Holding of Rostec State Corporation installed the radiation-resistant television equipment to monitor nuclear fuel reloading at the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant (China). The equipment was supplied as a part of construction of two new power units at the Nuclear Power Plant. It was the first export supply of equipment of such kind. Earlier Rostec has already supplied its solutions to the Tianwan NPP: automated workstations, industrial controllers and radiation control systems.

Special cameras may operate at a distance of 30 cm from the nuclear fuel assemblies at extremely high radiation levels (up to 1x107 rad/hour) and with a significant dose of total radiation accumulated over the entire period of operation (up to 2x108 rad). The plain equipment in similar conditions instantly gets out of order. The supplied systems consist of a television camera with a guiding device and an attachment fitting to be installed in the zone exposed to radiation, and the receiving equipment to be installed in the control room and not exposed to radiation.

The thermal imaging systems supplied to the Tianwan NPP were developed by the HVDC Power Research & Development Institute RASTR belonging to Roselectronics Holding and are a product of cooperation between several Roselectronics enterprises. Each system component is a unique technological solution contributing to the overall high quality and reliability of the equipment.

“China is our key partner in a wide variety of industries, including the nuclear energy sector”, noted Viktor Kladov, the International Cooperation and Regional Policy Director at Rostec. “Installation of the Russian systems at the strategic facility of the People’s Republic of China is an indication of the highest level of relations between our countries and high confidence in the Russian equipment”.

China is one of the major trading partners of the enterprises of Roselectronics Holding. Side-by-side with the China Electronics Technology Corporation (CETC), the holding develops research and development cooperation in the field of radio electronics, including the joint development and production of multi-system high-precision navigation receivers (modules). In total, seven agreements have been signed between Rostec and Chinese state corporations covering various areas of cooperation in the field of civilian and dual-purpose technologies.