Rostec's Ultrix Quadri Influenza Vaccine Registered in Kazakhstan

Rostec's Ultrix Quadri Influenza Vaccine Registered in Kazakhstan

The latest generation influenza vaccine Ultrix Quadri, developed by FORT (part of the Nacimbio holding company of the Rostec State Corporation), has been registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan for a period of five years. The company plans to start deliveries in 2021. The export volumes to the republic are forecast at up to three million doses of influenza vaccines per year.

The Ultrix Quadri vaccine provides protection against four current influenza virus strains: two subtypes of both A virus and B virus. The vaccine contains 15 μg of antigens of each virus strain, total of 60 μg in each dose. This is the exact composition recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for inactivated vaccines. The drug is produced at the FORT production facility using a full cycle technology in compliance with international GMP standards.

The biopharmaceutical company FORT is the largest Russian manufacturer of influenza vaccines, producing more than 30 million doses of prophylactic medicine each year. In 2020, the company entered the international market, exporting over a million doses of vaccine. Over 90% of these consisted of the Ultrix Quadri tetravalent vaccine.

“In 2019, Rostec launched the Ultrix Quadri vaccine on the market last year to carry out the federal strategy of transition to quadrivalent vaccines for prevention of influenza. Without exaggeration, I can call this vaccine an innovative world-class product that simultaneously protects against four strains of the virus. It is safe and effective. The vaccine is in demand on the international market and, based on the requests of 2020, we plan to significantly expand its export. At the same time, meeting the needs of the Russian market remains an unconditional priority for us. The last year we produced more than 10 million doses of the Ultrix Quadri vaccine and are planning to increase supplies to the domestic market” said Oleg Yevtushenko, Chief Operating Officer of Rostec.

FORT is soon preparing to undergo prequalification by the World Health Organization, which will allow to expand the geography of the company's exports. Currently FORT vaccines are used for immunoprophylaxis of the population in the Republics of Belarus and Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.