Rostec’s All-Terrain Tracked Vehicle has Passed the Acceptance Test

Rostec’s All-Terrain Tracked Vehicle has Passed the Acceptance Test

Photo: Kurganmashzavod

Fully domestically built TM-140 all-terrain tracked vehicle made by High-Precision Systems holding has passed the acceptance test carried out by the interdepartmental committee of the EMERCOM of Russia. The vehicle made at Kurganmashzavod was tested during three days: The TM-140 easily got through marshes, 35 degree slope and complex changes in terrain.

“The idea underlying the modular design of Kurganmashzavod‘s TM-140 – is a brand-new approach to the development of Russian industrial mechanical engineering. In addition to a general-purpose module designed to achieve various targets, the all-terrain vehicle may be furnished with an electric power plant and maintenance workshop. High distance endurance of more than 500 km enables the crew to cover long distances in off-line mode,” said Pyotr Tyukov, Executive Director of Kurganmashzavod.  

Before the acceptance test, the all-terrain vehicle from Kurgan took part in the Safe Arctic - 2023 expedition. The expedition covered about 1600 km of Arctic tundra within 12 days. The rescue teams practiced various accident scenarios on a daily basis: Evacuation of people, search for a tourist group using a drone, search activities in thick snow using ground-penetrating radars, investigation of a water area under ice.

The Tm-140s made by Kurganmashzavod not only easily got through snow off-road areas, but also helped other crews in extreme conditions and carried heavy equipment. The exhibition participants highly appreciated the ease of driving, driving performance, reliability and crew’s comfort of the TM-140.