Rostec Launches Production of Ultra-Fast Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles


Rostec Launches Production of Ultra-Fast Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Photo: KRET

Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET), with the support of the Industrial Development Fund (VEB.RF Group), will launch the first serial production of ultrafast charging stations for public electric transport in Russia. The devices provide faster charging and their cost is 20% lower than imported counterparts.

It takes just 24 minutes to fully charge an electric bus battery using the new charging station. The project will also launch the production of twin-outlet electric power stations capable of charging the batteries of two electric vehicles simultaneously.

“Experts predict sharp growth in the number of electric vehicles globally by 2030. It is expected that by 2025 there will be about 188,000 electric vehicles in Russia. Our charging stations network is already one of the largest in Russia, with more than 150 stations. This development by KRET will further develop comprehensive infrastructure for electrified public transport. The strategic goal in this area is to create a unified electric charging network in Russia”, said Oleg Yevtushenko, executive director of Rostec.

The service life of KRET charging stations is 15 years. The outer body of the electric charging stations is made with a durable design and equipped with ventilation and fire extinguishing systems with barriers to unauthorized access. Surge protection, lightning protection, and insulation integrity monitoring are also provided. Another advantage is its system of remote monitoring and management of the network of charging stations, which allows to control devices in real time by collecting and analysing operating statistics.