Rostec Launches "Magister-SV" Air Defense Control Systems

Rostec Launches "Magister-SV" Air Defense Control Systems

Photo: "Ruselectronics"

The Ruselectronics Holding will this year begin serial production of the Magister-SV military air defense automated fire control systems. The new unified module is designed for anti-aircraft combat coordination and airspace reconnaissance using external and built-in capabilities. The technology has passed state tests and was accepted for supplying the Russian Federation Army.

Magister-SV includes a unique optoelectronic station with automatic detection functions for recognizing and tracking air targets. To provide such technical capabilities, the developers needed to create a database of optical characteristics of various air targets and the characteristics of the radiation of natural interference.

A small-sized radar detector combines the capabilities of a surveillance radar and the high accuracy inherent in radar tracking systems. The implemented architecture is ahead of all currently known radar detection tools.

When developing the unified control module, special attention was paid to increasing the secrecy and survivability of the air defense grouping. It is also possible to integrate anti-aircraft weapons into the air defense control subsystem, capable of combatting attacking elements of high-precision weapons and multipurpose unmanned aerial vehicles.