Rostec Increases Sales of Russian’s First Botox Analogue by 35%

Rostec Increases Sales of Russian’s First Botox Analogue by 35%

Scientific and Production Association Microgen of the National Immunobiological Company of Rostec State Corporation summed up the 2017 results in the sphere of botulotoxins. The total sales growth of the only domestic botox analogue, Relatox, in Russia was 35% in volume terms.

Under the import substitution program in the pharmaceutical industry, the first and unique Russian botox analogue developed by Microgen SPA was first introduced at the domestic market in 2014 and has been applied since then in aesthetic medicine and treatment of neurologic diseases.

Specialists believe that the drug has great perspectives to cover the significant share of the market, both in the cosmetic and neurological segments. It has been manufactures using the newest technology of the drug treatment, which allows for eliminating up to 90% of high-molecular protein pollutants before the cultivation stage, reducing the general protein load and minimizing the probability of onset of allergic reactions. Besides, it is cheaper than its foreign analogues and its quality properties are consistent with world standards. The difference between the average cost of Relatox pack with other drugs registered in Russia may achieve up to 50%.

Botulotoxin application is increasing worldwide. Experts think that the world market volume may reach 7.3 billion USD by 2025.

In 2018 Microgen SPA will launch at UFA branch a new site for production of Relatox drug, which capacity is estimated at up to 200 thousand packs per year.