Rostec has Started to Manufacture a 500kW Hybrid Power Unit Demonstrator

Rostec has Started to Manufacture a 500kW Hybrid Power Unit Demonstrator

3D model of the hybrid power plant

United Engine Corporation has started to manufacture a 500kW hybrid power unit demonstrator, which may be used in unmanned aerial vehicles, special-purpose helicopters and plains in the future. It will be five times as powerful as its predecessor made last year at UEC-Klimov in St.Petersburg. 

The hybrid power unit will consist of an electric generation system, including VK-650 aircraft gas turbine engine and electric power generator, two motors, unique automatic control system (ACS), etc. 

Demonstrator is a prototype containing the main functional components of the future product. It is created in order to verify technical feasibility of the basic engine concept and its potential advantages.  

“Last year, we manufactured and completed testing of a 100kW hybrid power unit demonstrator which was used to work out fundamental engineering solutions, coordinate all system component functions controlled by our ACS. The achieved result enabled us to approach the target of 500kW,” said Mikhail Shemet, Deputy Director of Advanced Programs of UEC-Klimov. 

Hybrid power units will have a set of advantages over traditional gas turbine power units. In particular, lower fuel consumption, environmental friendliness, higher flight safety due to two power sources instead of one, aircraft takeoff from short runways and improved maneuverability are expected.