Rostec has Revived the Production of Material for Aviation Glazing

Rostec has Revived the Production of Material for Aviation Glazing

Photo: ORPE Technologiya

ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin, as part of Rostec State Corporation, has revived the production of Russian polymer film used in manufacturing of high-strength glazing for aviation equipment. With the commissioning of the manufacturing line, the production of multi-layer glass (triplexes and pentaplexes) is fully localized in Russia. 

The production of polymer film for aviation glazing in Russia was lost in the 1990s after the closure of a number of specialized enterprises, thus imported material was used in the production of such products. As part of import substitution, specialists from V.A. Kargin Polymer Chemistry and Technology Research Institute in Dzerzhinsk, created a new brand of high-strength heat-resistant polymer film and launched its mass production.

"Fully localized production of high-strength glazing for aviation equipment is another step towards independence from foreign suppliers in this area, which is very important today when our country is under unprecedented pressure. The quality of polymer film produced by our enterprises is not inferior to the best imported samples. We are ready to provide 100% of the aviation industry with these products," said Oleg Evtushenko, Rostec's Executive Director. 

Triplex consists of two silicate glasses bond together by a film, while pentaplex consists of three glass sheets and two agglutinative layers. Glazing created using this technology has high strength, transparency, also it withstands temperature extremes in the range from -60 to +130 °С, which is important for aviation glazing.