Rostec has Patented an Electron-Beam 3D Printing Technology

Rostec has Patented an Electron-Beam 3D Printing Technology

Photo: Research and Development Institute of Technology ‘Progress’ 

Research and Development Institute of Technology ‘Progress’ operated by RT-Capital has tested and patented a new electron-beam melting technology for metal parts. It is used to make high-strength complex parts that are more reliable than the products manufactured in a traditional way. 

The technology is similar to 3D printing: metal wire fed to the work surface is melted by the electron beam and forms a part with the desired shape in a layer-by-layer fashion. A special module feeds the wire under the melting beam from any direction. This printing method is used to ‘grow’ very strong and corrosion-resistant shaped products. It provides high accuracy and repeatability, which is important for serial production in various industries as well as for repair of damaged parts. 

“When testing the new module, we have ‘grown’ a control electrode that is much stronger than a machined one. Areas for further technology improvement have been defined after testing. Process automation, development of specialized software and a higher level of control over feedstock are required,” said Aleksandr Nazarov, Deputy General Director of Rostec. 

The new module may be installed on any robotic welding station made by Progress to expand its functionality with printing and repair of parts. It is Russia’s one and only institute that creates robot manipulators designed to be used in radioactive radiation and vacuum conditions.