Rostec has Created the Environmental Monitoring Equipment for the Enterprises

Rostec has Created the Environmental Monitoring Equipment for the Enterprises

Photo: Victor Molodtsov

At the ARMY-2020 forum “Roselectronika”, the holding of Rostec State Corporation, has presented the equipment intended to control emissions of chemical compounds into the atmosphere. This tool allows to ensure the safety of industrial facilities in implementing of the "Safe city" project. The chemical agent monitors and the sensing systems for industrial enterprises, parking lots, boiler rooms, oil and gas facilities are being demonstrated in the diversification zone.   

Among the presented solutions are a wide range of industrial gas analyzers which can be integrated into the "Safe city" system through the wireless communication channels as Wi-Fi, ZigBee or through the cable connections. The devices are manufactured in several modifications, including the ex-proof enclosures. They can be used at the oil and gas recovery and processing facilities , in mines and pits, at the chemical and metallurgical enterprises. Moreover, among such places are – the CHP-plants and the fuel depots. 

“Introduction of new technologies increases the comfort and safety of urban life, as well as allows to reduce the technology-related risks and to reduce the emergency response. Developments related to the "Safe city" project give an online access to the most accurate information about the condition of the residential, municipal, industrial and infrastructure facilities, regardless of a daytime. The use of such solutions is especially relevant in the industrial cities,” – reported “Roselectronika”. 

The equipment can be integrated in the existing security system of the facility and continuously conduct high precision measurements of gas concentration. When the permitted values are exceeded, the tool transmits the alarm signal. This gives an opportunity to take all preventive measures in time. 

Gas analyzers can detect in the atmosphere vapors of methane, butane, pentane, hexane, ethanol, ethylene, propylene, ethane, cyclopentane, isopropanol, methanol, toluene, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, xylene, and carbon monoxide. 

Within the Rostec Coprporation gas analyzers are being developed by Roselectronika enterprises – SPE Almaz and SPE Salyut.