Rostec Completes Acceptance Testing of Aspid Pistol

Rostec Completes Acceptance Testing of Aspid Pistol

TSNIITOCHMASH of Rostec State Corporation has finished acceptance tests of the new semi-automatic 19x9 RG-120 and RG-120-1 Aspid sports pistols. The new weapon has turned out to be four times more reliable than its initial technical specifications presupposed. 

Acceptance test are the final testing stage of sports weapons, necessary for checking the technical and operational characteristics and correspondence with technical conditions, tactical and technical assignments. The tests have verified the sturdiness of construction, the strength and safety of the locking mechanisms, firing accuracy and proper grouping of shots, as well as the correct operation of the automatics with dry parts when firing at a temperature of -30 °C. 

"We have completed the final stage of testing the Aspid sports pistols. The weapon fully meets the technical specifications and has demonstrated high tactical and technical characteristics, as well as impressive reliability. With an intense rate of fire of 8,000 shots, the number of jams during firing for each modification did not exceed 5, instead of 20 allowed by the technical specifications. Due to their high performance, the pistols have good market prospects and can be put into production this year,” said the Rostec spokesman. 

Aspid was created for use in three divisions of practical shooting competitions: Standard, Open and Production. The pistol for the Standard division (RG120 modification) is equipped with a magazine for 22 rounds, for the Production and Open (RG120-1 modification), for 18 rounds The lightweight Aspid comes with a mount for collimator sight, and the serial model is equipped with a Picatinny rail, a special mount for sights and additional equipment. 

Modifications RG120 and RG120-1 also differ in that the latter is equipped with an internal automatic safety lock instead of external mechanical one. This allows to quickly draw the weapon out of the holster, without the fear of it catching with protruding parts. These fractions of seconds can improve the result of the athlete.