Rosoboronexport Increases Exports of Military Helicopters

Rosoboronexport Increases Exports of Military Helicopters

Photo: Anton Tushin

Rosoboronexport, part of Rostec State Corporation, is presenting the entire export range of Russian military helicopters at the HeliRussia-2020 International Exhibition.

“The Rosoboronexport delegation will discuss cooperation on the supply of the latest models of helicopters of the world famous “Mi” and “Ka” classes with foreign partners. Despite current global headwinds, we forecast strong new and recurring demand for Russian rotary-wing aircraft in the coming years," said Alexander Mikheev, General Director of Rosoboronexport.

The most globally successful vehicles in their class are Mi-8/17 military transport helicopters. Mi-35, Ka-52, and Mi-28 models are gaining significant market traction, having been modernized taking into account use cases in the most challenging global combat theatres. International partners consistently show great interest in the heavyweight Mi-26T2, which is the absolute leader in its class.

Recent successes of Russian helicopter exports include the signing of the first export contract for the multipurpose Mi-38T, creation of a joint Russian-Indian enterprise for the production of Ka-226T, and the opening of a helicopter training centre in Venezuela with the participation of specialists from both countries.

Special attention should be paid to successful operation of the "northern" version of the Mi-171E helicopter in Argentina, where these Russian aircraft operate effectively in the harshest Antarctic conditions.