Roselektronika has Created a Mobile Biobox for Patients with Dangerous Infections

Roselektronika has Created a Mobile Biobox for Patients with Dangerous Infections

Photo: Victor Molodtsov

Rostec holding “Roselektronika” has presented the first Russian isolation box for emergency accommodation and treatment of patients, contaminated with dangerous infections. The tool consists of not only the decontamination module and the transfer chamber but also the isolation ward. 

The insulation cabin is equipped with a filtering and ventilating unit based on a Russian-made HEPA filter of class H14 with a cleaning efficiency of 99.995%. The unit provides the maintenance of reduced pressure by regulated de-aerating. That prevents the contaminated air from flowing out. The filter is made of inorganic material - micro-thin fiberglass. This gives an opportunity for its multiple disinfection in aerosol way without reducing the filtration efficiency. 


The walls of the box are made of high-strength transparent material with tight joints for permanent monitoring the patients. Also, there are holes for connecting various medical equipment in the ward. The item design allows to increase the number of accommodated patients by acceding the additional insulating cabins to one decontamination module. 

“To date, only few countries in the world produce such boxes to accommodate infected patients. The equipment can be used to increase the number of beds during periods of peak workloads on the territory of hospitals, as well as installed outside of the medical institutions. Assembly time of the box is no more than 15 minutes, which allows to isolate the patient promptly, preventing the further spread of infection.” – pointed out Sergey Sakhnenko, Rostec industrial director of the electronic cluster.