MiG Corporation Launches Interactive Aircraft Assembly Complex

MiG Corporation Launches Interactive Aircraft Assembly Complex

Photo: Alexander Zemlyanichenko Jr.

An interactive complex of technological processes for assembling aircraft has been launched at the production sites of the Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG, which is part of the military aviation division of United Aircraft Corporation.

The platform allows for detailed visualization of technological processes, storage and unification of unique data on aircraft assembly into a single database. With the introduction of this system, the corporation will complete the transition from the use of technological maps in paper form to electronic sources of information. Within the framework of the complex, a scheme of working instructions is used which allows to understand step-by-step the process of assembling an aircraft. With the help of the new system, employees can quickly familiarize themselves with materials structured by topics of reference books, view photo and video files, as well as study drawings and 3D models of all MiG aircraft that are currently in production.

“Assembling an aircraft is a complicated process. This interactive complex plays a significant role in raising the level of qualifications of personnel, training young specialists remotely and directly at our facilities. If a plant employee is faced with the task of assembling a certain unit, he can at any time turn to the interactive system to clarify the necessary details. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of any defects”, said Managing Director of MiG Andrey Gerasimchuk.

The hardware part of the complex consists of a central server, user workstations in the corporate network and interactive public access stands. Employees can connect to the system from any corporate site.