KAMAZ Settles an Industrial Estate of the New Plant


KAMAZ Settles an Industrial Estate of the New Plant

At the plant where car frames for KamAZ of the 5th generation are manufactured, there is a preparation for the production equipment assembling. The works on the industrial estate refurbishing started last autumn, just right after commissioning a building.

As the press office of KamAZ plant informed, the work is now performed in all facilities of a new plant. For example, the assemble of the steel constructions in the fabrication shop is already finished for further assembly lines binding and 95 robots that will perform work on two levels.

In the painting shop of the car frames there is already compartition for the paint equipment. Welded frames on the assembly line will immediately turn to the electrovection and painting line and after drying, they will be lifted to the second floor. From there the frames will enter the logistic zone and will be shipped to the auto plant. Pre-commissioning activities of welding and painting manufacturing are set in June, and the pilot series of the car frames should be produced in October 2018.

We shall remind that KamAZ and Daimler began the mutual construction of the plant of car frames with the total area of 68 000 square meters in March 2016. The project involves role allocation: KamAZ is fully responsible for the building construction on its territory, and Daimler for the production organization. The beginning of the mass production is planned for January 2019.

New car frames will be delivered both to KamAZ trunk conveyer and an assembly plant of Mercedes-Benz trucks. The mass production of the KamAZ of the 5th generation with new car frames is planned for 2019.