International Fireworks Festival "Rostec"

International Fireworks Festival "Rostec"

Photo: Pavel Ptitsyn

This year Moscow will host the already traditional International Fireworks Festival “Rostec”. On August 17 and 18, viewers will be able to admire a pyrotechnic show in the Brateevsky cascade park, where the best professionals from Asia, Europe and America will gather. This year the festival theme is devoted to the theater, therefore Zmey Gorynych is chosen as its mascot. This installation combines interactive and entertaining features.

“This year, the International Fireworks Festival Rostec is five years old! When the idea of this festival was born, we hoped that it would become a real event, give the citizens and guests of the capital a holiday, show the possibilities of pyrotechnic art, - said Assistant General Director of the State Corporation Rostec, chairman of the board of directors of the company organizing the Pyrotechnic Technologies festival, Yulia Voronova. - But the result exceeded our expectations. The festival has become a place of attraction for hundreds of thousands of spectators, tourists began to come to it on purpose. The festival is also an important professional event in the world of pyrotechnics. We hope that this year he will retain the status of the brightest international event of the summer and will please all guests”.

The festival will open with the performance of last year’s winner - the Slovak team. All participants will present programs consisting of two parts: business card and free program. On the day, four pyrotechnic shows can be seen, which will be accompanied by light shows specially created for the festival. The jury of international class will follow the technical details of the speeches. This year the festival will host leading pyrotechnic teams from Argentina, Italy, Spain, Canada, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia and France.

In addition, guests can enjoy a varied entertainment program. For example, anyone can try to overcome the climbing wall and obstacle course, do zumba - vigorous fitness training under world hits - and yoga in hammocks. For children organized a series of master classes in which they learn to create posters, learn the secrets of tricks and try themselves in the role of an archaeologist.

According to Yulia Voronova, today about 70% of tickets to the podium are already sold. Recall that last year more than 700,000 people watched the show for two days, while almost 2 million people watched the online broadcast.