First Amber Nuggets Extracted by the Amber Factory This Year


First Amber Nuggets Extracted by the Amber Factory This Year

The Kaliningrad Amber Factory of the Rostec State Corporation extracted first large nuggets of the sun stone this year weighing more than 1 kg each.

"Over 2 weeks of the new season, since 15 March, we have found two unique nuggets weighing more than 1 kg each: the first one weighs 1 kilogramme and 60 grams, and the second stone found last Sunday weighs 1 kilogramme and 120 grams. This is a good beginning of the year," TASS cited Anna Manakhova, Press Agent of the Amber Factory, as saying.

The next step is evaluation of the stones by Gokhran by their integrity, colour, presence or lack of any chips, following which a decision will be made whether to hand them over to Gokhran, or to the exhibition hall of the factory, or sell them by auction. The nearest auctions where such stones can be purchased will be held at the International Economic Forum of the Amber Industry from 7 to 10 June 2018 in Svetlogorsk.

Overall, in 2017 the Kaliningrad Amber Factory extracted 19 large nuggets, and one of them found in March at the Primorsky pit weighed over 3 kg (3 kg and 180 g). This was the heaviest stone found in the last 30 years. The largest amber stone that has ever existed was found on the coast of the Baltic Sea in the second half of XIX century. The champion stone weighed 12 kg.