Concern Sozvezdiye to Enter DMR Manufacturer Association

Concern Sozvezdiye to Enter DMR Manufacturer Association

Photo by Igor Rodin

Roselectronica's JSC Concern Sozvezdiye became one of the world's producers and suppliers of solutions in professional radio connection equipment for the uniform European standard DMR and got accepted in the DMP producers' Association (Digital Mobile Radio Association).

As an Association member, the concern can now influence the development of DMR, ratify its technical solutions and developments as standard, and the produce of Sozvezdiye can undergo DMR certification.

'The concern made another important leap on the way onto the international hi-tech product market for civilian usage.' claims the director of Sozvezdiye's scientific technical center, Dr. Vladimir Makoviy. 'Receiving a certificate from the Association for the radio station under the DRM standard would allow us to supply equipment not only for brand-new professional radio communication systems but also to be exploited in the already existant systems employing DMR.'

Association members are divided into three categories - Manufacturers; Application Developers, System Integrators, Test Equipment Manufacturers, Test Houses; Users, Regulators and Operators. The concern was admitted as Manufacturer.

Hence, the representatives of Sozvezdiye can participate in all the meetings of the DMR Association including the work group's marketing and technical sessions, and have the decision making power in each of them. The information on the Concern is already uploaded onto the Association's website in the section 'DMR Community - Category 1 members'.

Today, alongside with Sozvezdiye, the DMR Association includes about 125 radio equipment manufacturers from all around the world, such as Motorola Solutions, Hytera, Vertex Standard, Tait Communications, 3M and others.      

The Association is aimed at making DMR the prioritized standard for users of conventional and trunking digital radio communication. The organization channels its efforts to clear the obstacles on the way to interbrand device compatibility.