UIMC to Develop Mobile Clinics


UIMC to Develop Mobile Clinics

Radio Engineering Concern Vega, part of the United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation, is preparing to start development of mobile clinics/medical facilities, which should make comprehensive medical checkups and other medical services more accessible to people living in rural and remote areas.

A handful of similar Russian-made mobile facilities currently operate in Russia, offering one type of service: dentistry, X-ray, however, for now, there are no comprehensive mobile healthcare facilities that would comprise a full clinic with multiple specialists capable of performing a full medical checkup and treatment.

“We are currently preparing to develop a line of different specialized mobile medical facilities (gynecology, dentistry, X-ray diagnostics, pediatrics), and estimating the requirement for such facilities in individual regions and the country as a whole,” Head of Medical Equipment Development and Manufacturing Alexander Kulish said in his interview for the RIA Novosti newswire.

Among other things, we are looking at a mobile clinic option where the medical facility would be able to operate separately from its tractor vehicle. “In other words, we would have a tractor trailer pull in at a community, leave the mobile clinic trailer for three days there before taking it to the next destination. This would make it possible to improve the quality and increase the number of medical checkups,” Alexander Kulish clarified. “Our people have little interest in routine medical checkups, and no one from a remote village would make a trip, tens of kilometers long, to the local town only for a routine checkup, whereas mobile medical facilities make it possible to perform medical examinations close to people’s homes.”

The United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation makes Hemo Express mobile blood banks, capable of not only collecting and transporting blood, but also storing it for extended periods of time. Mobile blood banks are already operating in Kaluga and in the areas of the Moscow Region just outside Moscow.

“We have preorders for 10 mobile blood banks, and are working hard to develop this business line in Kazan, in the Russian Far East, and regions in European Russia. The requirement for mobile blood banks is about five per region. Right now, Russian regions have on average 0.6-0.7 mobile blood banks each, including imported mobile facilities,” Alexander Kulish said.

He noted that mobile collection of donors’ blood is developing rapidly worldwide, with approximately 60-70% of blood, blood plasma and other blood products collected in the field by mobile blood banks.

The government-owned United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation was established in 2014 as a Rostec Subsidiary with the purpose of organizing manufacturing of competitive high-tech communication systems and devices, automated control systems, electronic warfare systems and robotic systems for the Russian military and other special-purpose units, as well as competitive civilian and dual-use products. The UIMC comprises Radio Engineering Concern Vega, Concern Sozvezdie, Management Systems integrated holding company and the Central Research Institute for Economics, Informatics and control systems. The UIMC combines more than 60 companies and research centers in the Russian electronics industry and employs a total workforce of more than 40,000.