A KRET product was named a winner of the “100 Best Russian Products” competition


A KRET product was named a winner of the “100 Best Russian Products” competition


Gradient All-Russian Research Institute, which is part of KRET, was named a winner of the national competition “100 Best Russian Products” and was recognized in the categories “Invention of the Year” and “Excellence in Quality.”

A radio-communications medical bracelet from the Opeka series, developed by Gradient Institute, received high praise. The bracelet is designed primarily for the elderly and people with various diseases. The bracelet monitors the status of a patient around the clock and can send and store data in the electronic cloud, as well as make emergency calls for medical assistance. The bracelet can also remotely notify relatives, caregivers, and physicians about changes in health.

The bracelet has broad functionality: it measures a patient’s pulse, conducts an electrocardiogram, and tracks the location of its wearer. The data receiver transmits this information either to a guardian or the call-center. Another important function is a voice that instructs a person how to act in emergency situations.

Telemedicine bracelets like Opeka can be used to monitor the health of a patient in the home or in the hospital, to monitor the health of elderly people living alone, and to track workers engaged in critical industrial facilities, such as operators in nuclear power plants.

To send an SOS signal, the bracelet wearer can just press a panic button. The device can also operate as a two-way communications device, receiving calls via a Bluetooth-sensor that transfers the calls to a regular computer.

Creating this innovative device required advanced achievements in the fields of information, electronics, and biosensor technologies. The creators of the device have promised to add new module options in the near future. These will include the retrieval of skin conductance data that allows for the monitoring stress levels and sleep.

The product was presented at the KRET stand at the exhibition Oboronexpo-2014