Ruselectronics is developing its partnership with ZTE

Ruselectronics is developing its partnership with ZTE


The holding company Ruselectronics, which is part of Rostec Corporation, signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese corporation ZTE at Mobile World Congress 2015, held in Barcelona.

The scope of cooperation between Ruselectronics and ZTE is expected to reach 1.2 billion yuan.

The agreement will develop cooperation in the fields of innovative technologies and solutions for the “Smart City,” “Intelligent Transportation System,” and “Intelligent Antenna System” programs.

“The agreement terms will facilitate the formation of innovative companies and organizations for implementing joint projects to develop new techniques and technologies,” said Andrey Zverev, Ruselectronics CEO.

The Chinese partners have successful experience introducing new technologies for large events. In particular, they established for the National Sports Games in Jiangsu, China, a specialized communications system that combined tens of thousands of subscribers (including event organizers, medical staff, security staff, and other services) and included a range of measures to protect the information within the system.

Ruselectronics has already overseen the successful implementation of the “Safe City” system in a number of Russian cities. For example, in March 2013, Russia's first large-scale information system created on the basis of a domestic hardware and software was introduced in Krasnoyarsk. The system facilitates effective action of operative teams, as well as the prediction and prevention of various incidents and crimes.

Mobile World Congress is a platform for world leaders of the telecommunications industry to meet and work together on projects and initiatives related to the collective interests of the telecommunications industry.

This is an important event for anyone interested in the long-term vision of industry professionals and experts in related topics, as well as for those who want to meet in person with potential customers, partners, and industry leaders. At various times, Mobile World Congress welcomed to its stage Bill Ford (Ford Motor Company), Eric Schmidt (Google), and Hans Vestberg (Ericsson).

According to statistics, the audience of Mobile World Congress includes 4,300 executives, co-founders, board members. Slightly more than half of participants (about 41,000 guests) come from senior management.

Last year, many major companies operating in the IT industry, including Samsung, Sony, Acer, and Huawei, attended the exhibition. During the exhibition, new models of smart phones and other electronic devices were presented. Several companies, including Yandex, Yota Devices, and others, represented Russia. A stand from the Russian Ministry of Education and Science included presentations from Russian universities.

The Chinese company ZTE is a leading provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. Operating in 160 countries, ZTE is a leader in technological innovation in the field of telecommunication equipment, providing excellent products and business solutions for its clients.

In 2014, Rostec Corporation CEO Sergey Chemezov signed a basic agreement with the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation CASC, whose subsidiary is ZTE.