KAMAZ Ready to Place A Joint Assembly Factory in Argentina

KAMAZ Ready to Place A Joint Assembly Factory in Argentina


KAMAZ is engaged in negotiations about joint manufacturing in Argentina. CEO of the company Sergey Kogogin told journalists from Latin America about it during their visit to the facility.
“Today we’ve achieved that KAMAZ is known in Argentina through athletic competitions. We’ve started supplying chassis to the factories of Columbia and Venezuela. Our chassis unexpectedly turned out in a very nice segment there. Now we’re looking at Peru,” noted Sergey Kogogin.

According to the CEO of KAMAZ, the main problem is distance. Supplying assembled automobiles to the countries of Latin America is extremely expensive. Without local assembly the Russian automobile manufacturer will not be able to be present there in scale. Using the parts produced by KAMAZ’ partners in Brazil will help in price competition. 

“Offers were made to us by partners in several countries, but our attention is focused on Argentina. We don’t have enough resources to cover all countries of Latin America,” noted Sergey Kogogin.

KAMAZ also intends to participate in the tender for supplying vehicles to Peru’s Ministry of Defense.

“If we manage to win this tender, we will start massive supplying of buses and trucks to Peru,” clarified the CEO of KAMAZ. “The advantages of our vehicles are the simplicity of its construction, cheap service and incredible strength.”

In 2011, KAMAZ and one of the largest bus manufacturers in the world, the Brazilian concern Marcopolo S.A., established a joint manufacture. It manufactures and sells Marcopolo buses on KAMAZ’ chassis that respond to the modern demands for transportation of passengers in Russia and other CIS countries. Manufacturing takes place at the facilities of KAMAZ’ daughter company – NefAZ.

The automobile concern KAMAZ is the largest Russian truck manufacturer in  Rostec Corporation. It includes over 150 organizations located throughout Russia, the CIS and far-abroad countries with 12 major automobile production factories among them. It has assembly facilities in Vietnam, Iran, India, Kazakhstan and Pakistan