Shvabe Registers Trademark in Austria

Shvabe Registers Trademark in Austria


Shvabe Holding Company, a Rostec subsidiary, has registered a trademark in Cyrillic and Latin script in Austria for 16 classes under the International Classification of Goods and Services.

Shvabe Holding Company obtained unique rights to use a trademark for selling products for civilian uses including medical, geodetic, and scientific equipment, optical instruments and photography products, lighting equipment, measurement tools and other products, as well as for engaging in research and development.

In addition, the Holding Company obtained unique rights to provide a range of services including materials processing, industrial analysis and providing support for education and training, the company said in its press release.

Shvabe is already exporting to Austria fast (large-aperture) scopes for hunting and sports firearms, panoramic stills cameras, as well as high-quality interchangeable SLR lenses.

Before October 2012, Shvabe Holding Company was operating under the name NPK Optical Systems and Technologies, a Scientific and Manufacturing Concern. The holding company underwent a re-branding in 2012, changing its name, getting a new logo and designing gifts and courtesy products in its corporate style. The re-branding was needed for the holding company to compete as an equal with major global companies for whom their brand is an essential core asset.

The Shvabe Holding Company comprises some of the key companies in the Russian optical and electronics industry – 64 organizations all in all, including scientific, R&D and production facilities, design bureaus, optics research institutes, as well as service and sales companies. The Holding Company develops and manufactures high-tech optical and electronic systems, optical materials, medical equipment, energy-saving lighting and other types of products. The Holding Company is a Rostec subsidiary, and some of the larger companies within Shvabe are members of the Russian Engineering Union.