Ruselectronics Shows a Mobile Command Post

Ruselectronics Shows a Mobile Command Post


The Ruselectronics Holding Company, a subsidiary of Rostec Corporation, has presented a new mobile command post for remote observation and surveillance during security operations in areas affected by natural disasters, emergencies caused by technology, and in mass gatherings and potentially volatile crowds. The new system was demonstrated at Interpolitex 2014, the 18th International Exhibition of Technologies and Methods to Ensure National Security.

The new system can be mounted in a minivan or another vehicle, depending on the task at hand. The system can be supplied with sensitive low-light or color remote cameras, thermal imaging cameras, video recorders and playback displays, as well as the equipment for wireless transmission of video images.

The information gathered by the new system can be logged and transmitted over a secure frequency to a central control post. Video surveillance equipment can be installed on a retractable rotating tower. Images taken by surveillance cameras are streamed to the operator inside the minivan.

In addition, the system has the capability of man-portable transmitting video and/or thermal imaging cameras with a wireless capability for surveillance on foot, according to a Ruselectronics press release.

“The new vehicle-mounted thermal imaging system can be used by Emergency Response during forest fires and by the police in zero visibility. We really want to supply the latest state-of-the-art technologies to people who save other people’s lives,” Ruselectronics CEO Andrey Zverev said.

The Interpolitex 2014 international trade show was organized by order of the Russian Government. As many as 473 organizations participated in the trade show as exhibitors, including 64 international companies from 19 countries: People’s Republic of China, Bulgaria, Israel, The Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, India, Taiwan, Canada, Austria, Denmark, Turkey, Switzerland, Belarus, Singapore and Finland.