Ruselectronics Develops Protective Nanocoating for Medical Instruments

Ruselectronics Develops Protective Nanocoating for Medical Instruments

Ruselectronics Holding Company, a Rostec subsidiary, has presented a technology to apply a protective nanocoating on medical instruments and dentures at the Open Innovation 2014 Forum and Exhibition.

The coating is biologically inert, making contact with medical instruments safe (unlike stainless steel which contains alloying heavy metals). Using this technology for prosthetics can prevent allergic reactions even in people who are highly sensitive to prosthetic materials, because the surface of the prosthetic plastic is coated by a chemically inert film of silicon carbide. This technology was originally developed for army bayonet knives to increase their useful life without the need for sharpening.

“We are becoming more active in the medical equipment and tools segment; our subsidiaries are developing products for walk-in clinics and hospitals. We do our best to make sure that the quality of Russian-made substitutes matches that of similar international products. We are involved in implementing the government policy of innovative development for Russia by creating high-tech products that meet world standards in a variety of fields,” CEO of Ruselectronics Holding Company Andrey Zverev said in his comment.

Putting the coating on Russian-made medical instruments should solve the import substitution problem for healthcare institutions of Moscow, because these instruments will be of higher quality than imported counterparts. This would open up an opportunity to reduce purchases of medical instruments by a factor of 5–10, which should save millions of Rubles in the Moscow City Government spending.

The unique method was developed by experts working for the S.A. Vekshinsky Scientific Research Institute for Vacuum Machinery. 
Members of the Russian Federal Government led by PM Dmitry Medvedev and members of the Moscow City Government attended the Open Innovation Forum. They carefully examined the products displayed by the Ruselectronics Holding Company’s subsidiaries.

Ruselectronics Holding Company comprises electronics companies focusing on development and manufacture of electronic devices and components, materials used in electronics and equipment to produce these materials, as well as manufacturing UHF equipment and semiconductor devices and instruments.