Ruselectronics Design to Help Evacuate People from High-rises

Ruselectronics Design to Help Evacuate People from High-rises


Ruselectronics Holding Company,a Rostec subsidiary, has presented a power source-independent group escape system (EKSS) for rescuing people from high floors in high-rises based on magnetic eddy-currents braking systems at the Open Innovation 2014 show in Moscow.

“Implementing this design can save thousands of lives. The experience of our engineers in developing eddy-current braking devices has enabled us to model the movement of EKSS escape and rescue pods to a high degree of precision,” Ruselectronics CEO Andrey Zverev said.

Implementing our design can save thousands of lives

Andrey Zverev, CEO, Ruselectronics

What makes the system unique is its complete independence from a power source and its 100% reliable operation, which is based on fundamental laws of physics. The eddy current braking principle was first used in the “Free Fall Towers” (a.k.a. “drop towers” which have become popular in Russia over the past few years, and Ruselectronics engineers have been able to find a more useful practical application for this physical phenomenon.

Energy source-independent group escape/rescue system developed by Spetsmagnit, a Ruselectronics subsidiary is essentially two escape and rescue pods equipped with magnetic systems which interact with an electric strap control bus housed in a separate fireproof shaft placed on the outside of the building. As an escape pod full of people starts moving down, gravity induces eddy currents in the bus, which generate braking force by interacting with the system’s magnetic   field. One escape pod can lower up to 25 people at a time from a height of up 100 meters (330 ft) in less than a minute. In the meantime, the second (empty) escape pod connect to the first one, will rise to the top, ready to evacuate the next group of people.

Moscow-based companies submitted 300 applications to present their innovative products, and only 37 made it to the Final of Open Innovation 2014. Based on the results of the show, Ruselectronics subsidiaries’ products will be recommended for inclusion in the list of high-tech products of Moscow.

Members of the Russian Federal Government led by PM Dmitry Medvedev and members of the Moscow City Government attended the Open Innovation Forum. They carefully examined the products displayed by the Ruselectronics Holding Company’s subsidiaries.

Ruselectronics Holding Company comprises electronics companies focusing on development and manufacture of electronic devices and components, materials used in electronics and equipment to produce these materials, as well as manufacturing UHF equipment and semiconductor devices and instruments.