Shvabe Holding has provided a maternity hospital in Uganda with equipment


Shvabe Holding has provided a maternity hospital in Uganda with equipment


A new maternity hospital located in the Ugandan town of Kisoro received incubators, phototherapy lamps, neonatal tables, and neonatal ventilators from Shvabe Holding.

The neonatal equipment was sent as part of humanitarian aid for Africa. Specialists from the holding company installed the equipment and trained the hospital staff, according to the company’s press service.

The incubator for the newborn intensive care unit is designed and manufactured by Shvabe Holding. The apparatus, used to care for and effectively treat premature and handicapped children, consists of a child module with double walls and transportation cart for easy movement.

Access to the child in the incubator is possible through five windows, reclining side panels, and a transparent lid. The capsule of the incubator evenly distributes heat, humidifies the air, and regulates the supply of oxygen. For administering intensive care inside the incubator there are ports to connect additional equipment and a place for X-ray film.

An irradiator manufactured by Shvabe improves the efficiency of phototherapy and eliminates the negative side effects that can occur when using outdated lamps as light sources.

Previously, Shvabe provided the central city hospitals of Kamuzu, Zomba, and Mzuzu in the Republic of Malawi with neonatal incubators, feeds, tables, and ventilators.

Shvabe Holding also coordinated an event to support healthcare in the Republic of Malawi along with Rostec Corporation on behalf of the Russian government. The latest neonatal equipment was installed in Malawi.

The Russian company also provided a Libyan hospital with medical equipment.

Shvabe Holding unites the primary companies of Russia’s optoelectronics industry and includes 64 research and production associations, design offices, optical institutions, and service and supply companies. Shvabe Holding develops and manufactures high-tech electro-optical systems and other devices for special and civil purposes, as well as optical materials, medical equipment, energy-efficient lighting, and other products. Shvabe Holding is part of Rostec Corporation.