Aviation Equipment Presents Respirator for Military Divers

Aviation Equipment Presents Respirator for Military Divers


At Hydroaviasalon-2014 international exhibition, Aviation Equipment Holding Company presented SHAP-R - a respirator for professional divers, which is also used in rescue boats of the Defense Ministry. It is compact and easy to use, and it does not freeze at sub-zero temperatures.

SHAP-R respirator can be used at depths up to 60 m and in extreme conditions; the air is supplied through the hose or from the device tanks. What makes the respirator unique is that it includes a reducer with a dry seepage box, which allows the device to operate in sub-zero temperatures and contaminated water.

The device is designed and manufactured by Respirator Company. To date, it is the only device, which is certified in accordance with GOST standards for the category “Respirators with open circuit breathing” and meets the technical requirements of the European standard EN 250.

At Hydroaviasalon-2014 the Holding also presented its cutting-edge AVM-15 respirator for divers, who perform underwater technical, emergency rescue and other types of diving operations. The device can be operated in a wide range of temperatures, as it is equipped with freeze-resistant reduction unit and lung-governed oxygen admission valve.  It also makes much lighter own equipment of divers that they have to take with them, when going on a trip. All they will have to carry now is a regulator, which complies with all international standards.

The exhibition also features other novelties, such as portable oxygen supply unit BKP-3-210R and emergency oxygen unit AKB-204 that provide crew members and passengers of aircraft with oxygen in case of smoke or depressurization of the aircraft.

Medical equipment was also in the spotlight of the exhibition, namely, oxygen inhaler KI-R7 for oxygen and aerosol therapy to be used to provide medical assistance on-site and to transport injured persons in ambulance vehicles, and to be utilized in hospitals. The inhaler consists of a tank with a valve and oxygen reducer that can be used as an additional source of oxygen for anesthetic machines and medical ventilators.

Hydroaviasalon-2014 is held from September 4-7, 2014 on the premises of the experimental test base of Beriev Aircraft Company and Gelendzhik Airport of Krasnodar Krai.