Rostec and Sumitomo have launched a joint venture in Yekaterinburg

Rostec and Sumitomo have launched a joint venture in Yekaterinburg


A joint Russian-Japanese venture for producing electrical cords and wires has opened in the Urals. The project received around RUB 300 million of investments.

The Japanese company Sumitomo Wiring Systems and the Russian company Radio Equipment Plant (part of the holding company Ruselectronics) decided to establish a high-tech joint venture in February 2013.

Currently new equipment has been ordered and partially received to modernize the enterprise’s production line for creative automotive parts. Specialists from Sumitomo helped to build production lines according to the standards of the Japanese company. In April 2014, Ural Wiring Systems became certified in international standards.

The products are designed for the AVTOVAZ, Renault, and Nissan assembly plants located in Russia. Ural Wiring Systems underwent a technological audit by AVTOVAZ representatives in June 2014 and by Renault-Nissan representatives in early July. Currently the enterprise employs 290 people, a number that is expected to increase to 650 by the end of the year.

Sumitomo Wiring Systems is a large Japanese company founded in 1917 that specializes in the manufacture of electronics and electronic components for automobiles. Its production volume is second largest in the world.