Aviation Equipment and Microturbo have signed an agreement on APU development

Aviation Equipment and Microturbo have signed an agreement on APU development


On the occasion of Farnborough Air Show, Aviation Equipment Holding (a Rostec Corporation company) and Microturbo (Safran) signed an agreement to establish a partnership to develop and manufacture a new APU targeted for the helicopter market.

In accordance with the contract terms, the parties will invest in development and industrialization of a new APU dedicated for helicopter market. Microturbo will design and develop the main unit and integrate the system, whereas Aviation Equipment will develop the ignition system, starter, generator, and set up an assembly line for the Russian market applications. Preliminary design review planned to be completed by the end of 2014.

“The agreement with Microturbo is a strategic step for us in entering global market with new generation products. Leveraging strong engineering and manufacturing capabilities of two partners, the new APU with enhanced operating characteristics will be developed. For Aviation Equipment this is the first such an agreement with an international partner focused on the helicopter market. Next step will be to sign a definitive contract for all the engineering stages up to the Entry Into Service”, said Maxim Kuzyuk, CEO of Aviation Equipment

"Our new partnership with Aviation Equipment demonstrates Microturbo’s commitment to develop new solutions for power generation. This partnership will provide the Russian helicopter marketplace with a system certified for civil use aimed at meeting today's increased reliability and performance expectations. Microturbo is extending its range to serve the major worldwide aircraft manufacturers”, said Mr Pierre-Yves Morvan, CEO of Microturbo

The latest APU, created by Aviation Equipment and Microturbo, will meet all the necessary requirements and international quality standards, including certification of the European Aeronautical Safety Agency (EASA) and the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee (AR IAC).

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