Vitaly Saveliev, "We have a full understanding with Rostec»

Vitaly Saveliev, "We have a full understanding with Rostec»


The head of Aeroflot, Vitaly Saveliev, described the cooperation with Rostec.

According to him, the new airline Board of Directors will include more Rostec representatives. This step will help to strengthen the position in management of the airline and influence in its strategy.

In the interview with Kommersant, Vitaly Saveliev, said, “We have a full understanding with Rostec. Besides, we are conducting a number of joint projects. We are creating a repair base. Our park is growing, so we can do together some operations. In addition, Aeroflot is now selecting the turboprop planes for its subsidiaries. This theme is being actively discussed with Rostec. Despite the criticisms and disapprobation, we are ordering planes for absolutely market conditions. Rostec and Aeroflot have a clear and balanced position. We buy the planes with their participation if they have a market price. If the price has a formula «market price plus one ruble», then we refuse, and they know this. Rostec have a serious partnership with Boeing. Why would not we take a cheaper aircraft through Rostec, instead of running around looking for other leasing companies?”

Among the joint projects, there is also a patriotic storage system for the passengers’ database. Now, Russian aviators work mainly using the foreign systems: European Amadeus and American Sabre.

What they are doing in Rostec is worthy of respect

The head of Aeroflot, Vitaly Saveliev

The joint system of Rostec and Aeroflot will be a Russian one; the companies have already a working group and the negotiations with the foreign participants who have similar experience have already taken place. Aeroflot serves as a consultant because of its five-year experience of the Sabre development. Saveliev is sure that the project will be realized.

He said, “Of course, we need our system, and our plane. What they are doing in Rostec is worthy of respect. We are constantly in contact with Sergey Chemezov. This project has not been done exclusively for Aeroflot, we are inviting all airlines”.

Another Rostec project in the aviation sector is an airport Ramenskoye, it would not be only the fourth airport in the Moscow air node, but also within 2-3 years, the budget airline Dobrolet, which should begin operating in 2014, would move there. This will help to reduce significantly ticket prices.

The head of Aeroflot explained, "If Dobrolet had its own airport, the price would be up to 60 % lower than today's price of Aeroflot. We have chosen the airport of Ramenskoye, too. Now we are negotiating with Rostec, and we are supported by the Governor of the Moscow region, Andrey Vorobyev”.

In 2015, the new airport should already transport 400 thousand people per year. As a result, by 2020, the International Airport Complex Ramenskoye will be able to provide annually the passenger flow of about 10 million people per year and 25 000 tons of cargo transporting.

The Dobrolet company intends to take the first flight to Saint Petersburg. Until the end of 2014, the frequency of flights, there will be increased to six a day.