Technology has helped reduce satellite assembly time

Technology has helped reduce satellite assembly time


The holding company RT-Chemcomposite has created a unique technology that reduces the assembly time for spacecraft. The new method was used in manufacturing the Egyptsat spacecraft, which was successfully placed into orbit by the Soyuz-U carrier rocket.

The Obninsk enterprise Technology, which is part of the holding company RT-Chemcomposite, along with NPP TAIS, solved the problem by integrating a frame into the temperature-control panels during the manufacturing of the panels themselves. A distinctive feature of this satellite is its frameless base. This unique solution significantly reduces the time required for the final assembly of the spacecraft.

The assembly of a similar unit using traditional methods usually took about six months and required not only special equipment, but also a significant number of trained professionals.

Two specialists assembled the new unit at the Obninsk plant in 10 minutes. As the acceptance committee concluded, the innovative design that allows for a significant reduction of effort and time while not diminishing the quality of the final product.

Egyptsat, now in orbit, is the first frameless spacecraft build in Russia.

RT-Chemcomposite specializes in the research and innovation of polymer composite materials, as well as creating finished products with them. The holding mass-produces high-tech products for aerospace, aviation, military equipment, land and water transportation, energy, and many other industries. It is part of the state corporation Rostec.